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A.I.-Based Protection from Spear Phishing and Email Fraud
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Stop Targeted Attacks with AI

Prevent Spear Phishing

Barracuda Sentinel can automatically detect and prevent spear phishing attacks that evade traditional email security systems. The Barracuda Sentinel AI engine learns each organization's unique communication patterns, and leverages these patterns to identify anomalies and quarantine spear phishing attacks in real-time.

Prevent BEC and CEO Fraud

Barracuda Sentinel automatically quarantines Business Email Compromise attacks, by detecting anomalies in the email header, as well as the content of the email. The AI does not require any manual rules or user setup, and can detect any type of BEC attack automatically from day one.

Detect Employee Impersonation

Barracuda Sentinel can detect any type of employee impersonation, including impersonation of executives, as well as mid and low level employees. It can detect spoofed emails, typo-squatted domains, and impersonation emails sent from free or personal email clients.

Stop Zero-Day Phishing

By discovering anomalous communication patterns, within the body of the email, the link or the email header, Barracuda Sentinel can stop zero-day phishing attacks that evade other email security systems. It can detect any type of zero-day phishing attack attacks, including links leading to a fake sign in page, as well as links to malicious websites.

Detect Web Impersonation

Barracuda Sentinel has been trained to recognize and automatically quarantine phishing emails that impersonate web services, such as Microsoft Outlook, Docusign, Dropbox. The Barracuda Sentinel AI can prevent web impersonations, even when they use deceptive characters or zero-day links.

Stop Inbound Spoofing

Barracuda Sentinel automatically stops attacks that impersonate employees by spoofing their email address. The AI engine recognizes the anomalies in spoofing emails and quarantines them.

Continuous Learning

Customers can report false positives and missed attacks to Barracuda Sentinel, which are used to retrain the AI classifiers. This enables the AI to continuously improve its precision and adapt its detection capabilities.

Exportable Reports

The raw data from the AI detections can be exported to a CSV file.

Stop Account Takeover with AI

Alerting for Account Takeover

By detecting anomalies in internal employee communications, Barracuda Sentinel can automatically detect when employee accounts become compromised and send malicious emails to internal and external recipients. Administrators get alerted when an account has been compromised and can take immediate action.

Prevent Account Takeover Infiltration

Barracuda Sentinel automatically quarantines phishing emails that allow attackers to steal employee credentials, and lead to account takeovers.

Detect Compromised Emails

Barracuda Sentinel can automatically identify which malicious emails were sent from a compromised account and flag them for administrators.

Delete Emails Sent Internally

Barracuda Sentinel's account takeover remediation tool allows administrators to delete all phishing emails sent from compromised accounts from within employee mailboxes.

Notify External Recipients

Barracuda Sentinel allows administrators to identify which external recipients received emails from compromised accounts and notify them of the attack.

Lock Attackers Out of Accounts

Barracuda Sentinel helps administrators lock out attackers from compromised accounts, and prevents them from using the compromised account to launch phishing campaigns and forward emails externally.

Domain Fraud Prevention

Prevent Third Party Domain Spoofing

Barracuda Sentinel's domain fraud prevention solution prevents third parties from maliciously spoofing domains. The solution leverages DMARC to gain visibility both to legitimate and non-legitimate emails being sent with a particular domain, and enables customers to make sure their legitimate emails are delivered correctly while blocking the malicious senders.

Automated DMARC Reporting

DMARC reports are automatically gathered, analyzed and visualized within Barracuda Sentinel. Customers simply need to change their DNS record using Barracuda Sentinel's setup wizard, and Barracuda Sentinel takes care of the reporting and analysis of the DMARC logs.

DMARC Aggregation and Visualization

Customers can get high level insights on the different email systems sending emails with their domains, as well as gain access to in-depth information, including which IPs are passing and failing DMARC, domain misalignment, and spoofing samples.

DKIM/SPF Configuration and Troubleshooting

Barracuda Sentinel helps customers correctly configure their DKIM and SPF, as well as troubleshoot common problems in SPF/DKIM configuration, such as domain misalignment.

Better Email Deliverability

Barracuda Sentinel can help customers increase their legitimate email deliverability, by ensuring that their emails pass email authentication.

Spoofed Email Reports

By leveraging Barracuda Network's IP reputation databases, Barracuda Sentinel can provide detailed information on the source of spoofing emails, including geographic and sender information, as well as samples of spoofing emails.

Detect Misconfigured Legitimate Senders

Barracuda Sentinel can automatically detect misconfigured legitimate senders, and helps customers correctly configure their SPF and DKIM to ensure that legitimate emails are delivered.

Protects Customer Brands

Barracuda Sentinel protects customer brands by ensuring that attackers cannot impersonate domains to trick clients, employees and third parties.

Exportable Reports

All DMARC reports can be exported into CSV files.

Flexible API-based Deployment

Lightweight Architecture

Unlike traditional gateway-based email security systems, Barracuda Sentinel connects directly to the Office 365 APIs. The APIs allow Barracuda Sentinel to both learn customer historical communication patterns, as well as detect and quarantine emails in real-time. Barracuda Sentinel is a cloud-based SaaS solution that requires no maintenance or installation.

Instant Setup

You can setup Barracuda Sentinel in 1 minute, by simply signing up and connecting Sentinel to your Office 365 tenant. No need to change your MX records or install any software.

Works with Any Gateway

The API architecture of Barracuda Sentinel allows it to work alongside any existing gateway-based email security solution as a last layer of defense for targeted attacks. In particular, Barracuda Sentinel works seamlessly with Barracuda Essentials and Email Security Gateway.

Historical Assessment

The Barracuda Sentinel AI engine can be applied to historical emails, using the Email Threat Scanner for Office 365. This allows customers to generate a free email risk report to see what types attacks are not being stopped by their existing systems, understand the value that Barracuda Sentinel can provide, and provide ROI for senior executives. The Email Threat Scanner for Office 365 takes two minutes to set up and is completely free.

Phishing Simulations

Test Employee Security Awareness

Barracuda Sentinel's phishing simulations allows customers to test their employees' security awareness and readiness against phishing attacks. Administrators can quickly setup a phishing simulation campaign comprising of a large number of employees, and get reports on which employees fell for the simulated phishing emails.

80 Real-World Templates

Barracuda Sentinel's phishing simulation uses 80 real-world anonymized templates, gathered from real spear phishing and targeted phishing attacks. Templates are customized to include real recipient and sender information, such as name, email address and title.

Simulate Impersonation and BEC

Barracuda Sentinel enables customers to simulate BEC attacks to test the security awareness of sensitive departments.

AI Determines Employee Risk

Barracuda Sentinel's AI can automatically predict which employees are likely to be targeted by spear phishing attacks, based on their role and their day-to-day access to sensitive information.