Barracuda SaaS Solutions

Cloud-based protection of your employees, data, and business.

Simple and Scalable Security and Data Protection

Barracuda SaaS solutions are perfectly suited for organizations that don’t have the desire or capacity to deploy and manage on-premises infrastructure. They deliver the same powerful security and data protection capabilities as their on-premises counterparts along with the ease of deployment and management of hosted solutions.

The Barracuda security architecture provides compromise-free security and data protection whether your infrastructure is 100% on-premises, 100% cloud-based, or a hybrid of both. Our SaaS security solutions are as robust and sophisticated as our on-premises solutions.

Barracuda SaaS Solutions are available for

Network and Application Security

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Email Protection

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Data Protection

At a Glance

  • Vastly simplify your security deployments
  • Leverage a secure cloud infrastructure trusted by thousands of organizations
  • Enable cost-effective scalability and reliability
  • Avoid up-front capital expenditures

Network and Application Security

Protect your websites and applications with security service that provides enterprise-class protection with easy-to-use templates for fast setup.

Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service
waf as a service Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service brings enterprise-proven web application security to everyone in minutes. Quickly build comprehensive per-app policies via the an intuitive component-based structure, and continually maintain a robust security posture with automated vulnerability remediation built-in.

Email Protection Services

Barracuda is only security solution that provides end-to-end cloud-based protection from all email-borne threats. Our email protection services are available as SaaS offerings that are paid on a per-user basis with unlimited storage regardless of the volume of emails or mailboxes per user. They protect email and files from on-premises mail systems like Microsoft Exchange and cloud email systems like Office 365.

Barracuda Essentials

Secures Office 365 and Exchange from inbound attacks, zero-hour threats and outbound data leakage, archives data for compliance and includes backup for business continuity.

Barracuda Sentinel

Uses AI and machine learning to inoculate Office 365 mailboxes against advanced and targeted spear phishing attacks. Also prevents business fraud and domain spoofing.

Barracuda PhishLine

Uses realistic simulation campaigns to train users to proactively identify and report phishing and spear phishing attempts. Makes your employees a line of defense against email fraud.

Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service

Provides cloud-based archiving of email, enabling organizations to meet demanding compliance requirements and address e-discovery requests effectively and easily.