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A.I.-Based Protection from Spear Phishing and Email Fraud

Spear Phishing and account compromise are the leading email-borne threats to business data and reputation. Traditional email security gateways can't stop these threats. Sentinel protects your business in minutes with zero I.T. administration.

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Stop Targeted Attacks Before They Reach Your Users

  • Stop impersonation attacks with AI
  • Protect your reputation with DMARC authentication
  • Identify individuals needing security awareness training
  • Zero administration
  • Detect account takeover

Spear phishing attacks have grown over 20-fold in the past year and have resulted in over $5 billion in financial losses plus untold additional losses in lost productivity and damage to reputation. Countless organizations and individuals have fallen prey, sending wire transfers and sensitive customer and employee information to attackers who are impersonating their CEO, boss, or trusted colleague.

Because the attacks are highly personalized — and typically contain no malicious attachments or links — existing security solutions fail to detect them. In fact, over 95% of organizations have unidentified spear phishing attacks already in their inboxes.

Barracuda Sentinel is a cloud-based service for Office 365 that stops spear phishing and other email attacks from reaching your user inboxes. It complements your existing email security without impacting network performance. Sentinel finds phishing emails already in your inbox and then scans every new email — including ones sent from internal mailboxes. It only takes minutes to set up with zero need for IT administration.

  • Stop impersonation attacks with AI
  • Protect your reputation with DMARC authentication
  • Identify individuals needing security awareness training
  • Zero administration
  • Detect account takeover

Spear Phishing Attacks are Rampant

Businesses lose billions of dollars per year in direct losses and untold damage to their reputation from spear phishing attacks. The attackers impersonate legitimate users with highly personalized emails that bypass traditional email security filters.

Barracuda Sentinel catches these attacks before they reach your users with the industry's first A.I. engine designed to identify and stop spear phishing emails. It is offered as a simple "set it and forget it" cloud service that protects email such as Office 365 and messaging systems such as Slack.

Top Three Impersonating Attacks


Impersonating Your Boss

  • Attackers research you and your colleagues.
  • They monitor your social media accounts, and your company's 'About' section.
  • They craft the perfect email (or string of emails) that looks like it's legitimately from a trusted source.
  • Messages typically do not contain malicious links or attachments, making them very difficult to detect with traditional email security solutions.

Impersonating Popular Apps

  • Gmail and DocuSign are frequently impersonated to lure unsuspecting victims.
  • Attackers often ask you to enter credentials or click on malicious links.
  • Skilled attackers create convincing fake websites. Once you enter your credentials, the crooks have more tools for fraud and targeted attacks.

Impersonating Your Office 365 Account

  • They craft emails that ask you to log into a seemingly 'valid' web portal.
  • Attackers may use your account to send malicious emails to co-workers/employees.
  • Attackers send messages asking for more sensitive company information or money.

Sentinel Detects Threats that Email Security Gateways Can't

Identify Malicious Intent
Protection That Learns
Account Takeover Protection
Sentinel stopped this CEO Impersonation attack from reaching its intended recipient.

Identify and Fix Your Highest Risks

Barracuda Sentinel leverages the intelligence from our machine learning platform to identify high-risk individuals within your organization. Once we've identified those individuals, we can tailor specialized training, including simulated phishing attacks, to test their security awareness and prevent damage from these targeted attacks.

CFO and Finance

As the gatekeepers of funds, finance users are a prime target for attackers who pose as a senior executive requesting wire transfers.

HR and Legal

Tax forms and other personal records contain a plethora of data that attackers can use for identity theft and to prepare for more targeted attacks in the future.

IT and Engineering

IT staff have access to sensitive data such as login credentials and intellectual property that attackers can use to gain to corporate accounts.

Administrative Assistants

These users often juggle many tasks for executives and are often given sensitive login credentials.

Protect Your Reputation and Stop Domain Fraud with DMARC

Spear phishing criminals don’t always directly target your company. They can also spoof your company’s reputable domain to impersonate one of your employees, sending emails to your customers and partners to steal credentials and gain access to their accounts.

Barracuda Sentinel helps protect your brand and reputation by stopping domain spoofing and unauthorized activity. We offer an intuitive wizard to help you set up DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance) to monitor emails sent from your domain.

Barracuda Sentinel provides visibility and analysis of your DMARC reports. This lets you ensure that legitimate email traffic is delivered and that unauthorized messages from prevented from being sent from your company’s domains. By correctly enforcing DMARC, you can prevent spoofing-based spear phishing and brand hijacking.

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