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Safeguard your
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91% of attacks start with email. The majority of these attacks result in customer data exposure. A data breach can cost a retailer millions of dollars in damage. Some small retailers never recover.

Protect customers (and your reputation) from data breaches.

Your e-commerce websites, mobile applications, and point-of-sale (POS) systems are collection points for payment data and other sensitive customer information. Hackers try to gain access to these systems by using phishing attacks to trick your employees into giving up their login credentials. If the criminals are successful, they spend an average of 221 days stealing data, installing malware, and launching more attacks against your customers, suppliers, and employees.

Only a multi-layer approach to email security can protect you from phishing and other sophisticated email-borne attacks. Barracuda provides complete email security to defend your business from even the most advanced threats.

Make gift card users secure.

Gift cards continue to be the most popular item on personal wish lists, and they are frequently given as rewards to employees or valued partners in business settings. A successful email attack based on a fake gift-card offer can trick employees into disclosing network login credentials, allowing the hackers to get access to an otherwise secure system. Once this happens, these criminals can investigate the network and steal valuable data. Because gift card fraud is so lucrative, many criminals zero in on this type of data.

Barracuda Sentinel provides AI-based threat protection against phishing and account takeover. Sentinel integrates directly into Office 365 and works silently in the background to defend your company and customers from these attacks.

Protect at every point-of-sale.

POS systems are a favorite target for attackers trying to capture payment card data or other personal information. In addition to physical skimmer devices, malware installations or manual intrusion can be used to steal data from POS systems. Both Target and Wendy’s fell victim to POS malware attacks that were only possible after successful spear-phishing attacks.

Barracuda multi-layer email protection defends your network against malicious attachments like malware, and our advanced AI-enabled protection stops spear-phishing attacks before they get to your users.

Prevent leaks and encrypt data.

It’s hard to imagine that an employee would accidentally email a spreadsheet of sensitive customer information to thousands of people, but that’s exactly what happened to Woolworth’s in 2015. Instead of sending each customer a single email with unique gift card information, an employee sent an email attachment that included all customer and gift card data.

Barracuda Data Leak Protection (DLP) can prevent sensitive information from being transmitted by submitting it to a quarantine for manual review. Messages can also be automatically encrypted based on content, sender, or recipient.

Ensure the emails come from you.

A successful malware infection on your network can use your email system to send malware and phishing attacks to your customers. Your customers could then fall victim to other types of cybercrime, and their computers could become part of a botnet that attacks other targets. This is how the Emotet banking Trojan has grown into a worldwide threat that attacks both businesses and individuals.

Barracuda email protection will block outbound email messages based on viruses, intent, and spam content. Administrators can review these blocked messages in quarantine and manually deliver, reject, or delete the message.

Get the power of Barracuda Email Protection.

Barracuda’s email protection platform is designed to keep your retail business secure by combining threat prevention, automated incident response, and data protection.

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