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Protect your patient data and intellectual property.


Ransomware gangs steal copies of your files prior to encryption so they can sell your data or threaten you with double extortion. These attacks can result in system downtime, delayed patient care, and HIPAA-related fines and litigation.

Stop ransomware before it strikes.

Ransomware attacks on the healthcare sector increased 470% in 2020, leading to an average of 816 attempted attacks per healthcare endpoint. More than of 29 million healthcare records were breached, and 250 U.S. hospitals lost use of their systems for at least three weeks. The total cost of ransomware-related downtime is estimated at over $21 billion. One ransomware attack disrupted 5,000 systems and caused the company to furlough 300 staff. The costs of that attack are estimated at $1.5 million per day.

Barracuda Email Protection secures your organization against all 13 email threat types. This multilayered defense protects your inboxes from ransomware and other attacks.

Stop data loss through outbound email.

Misdelivery accounts for over 38% of human error incidents in healthcare data breaches, and many result in a HIPAA breach. One billing company sent an email with unencrypted protected health information (PHI) to an incorrect address, and one hospital-affiliated health plan inadvertently sent unencrypted PHI of employee dependents to other hospital employees. Even properly delivered emails can result in a breach if the HIPAA security standards are not met.

Barracuda Email Protection helps covered entities and their business associates secure PHI in email messages while in motion and at rest. Messages can be encrypted automatically with custom or security policies that ensure compliance with HIPAA and other regulations. Data leak protection content policies can automatically encrypt, quarantine, or block certain outbound emails based on their content, sender, or recipient.

Arm your employees with security awareness training.

Nearly 40% of healthcare industry breaches begin with an authorized user who unintentionally compromises the network, data, or devices. Almost a third of healthcare employees say they have never received cybersecurity training from their workplace, yet the average healthcare worker has access to 31,000 sensitive files on their first day of employment. This is the perfect environment for phishing, impersonation, and other email attacks.

Barracuda makes it easy to deliver ongoing awareness training that is tailored to your environment. Threat simulation and behavior analysis allow you to assess risk and respond with additional education and threat exercises.

Defend your network and users from phishing attacks.

Phishing and impersonation attacks remain a leading cause of data breaches in healthcare. These attacks use customized social engineering tactics to trick email users into providing credentials, paying an invoice, or sharing sensitive documents. Phishing attacks also lead to network infiltration, data theft, and ransomware attacks. A total of 209,000 patients were affected when one undetected phishing attack allowed a six-month breach of employee email accounts that held information about those individuals.

Barracuda uses AI-driven inbox security to identify the malicious intent of phishing attacks. Barracuda Phishing and Impersonation Protection works silently in the background to block attacks from reaching their intended targets.

Reduce the impact and cost of email attacks.

The average time for a phishing attack to snare its first victim is 16 minutes, and it is an average of 33 minutes before the attack is reported to IT. One 45-minute phishing attack compromised the medical records of 12,000 cardiology patients. After a two-month investigation, the healthcare provider concluded the intent of the attacker was to launch a lateral phishing attack to harvest credentials and attempt financial fraud. In an unrelated incident, nearly 1.3 million patients were affected by a five-day breach that started with an undetected phishing attack.

Attackers will make the most of every moment they have in your inboxes and network. Barracuda Email Protection enables administrators to respond immediately to attacks that get through to the inbox. Automated incident response removes all instances of the attack and contacts users with the administrator’s preconfigured messaging.

Defend your organization with Barracuda Email Protection.

Barracuda Email Protection is the only solution that protects against all 13 email threat types. Our comprehensive defense-in-depth protection enables IT teams to secure mailboxes, data, and users.

Protect your patients, customers, and staff.

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