Email security

Email traffic remains the single most common vector for ransomware and other threats to enter your network. Attacks within the financial services industry, including small banks and credit unions, are on the rise, making it more important than ever to secure all sensitive data. Barracuda provides a complete line of email security solutions to help protect your organization.

Comprehensive protection for email-based threats with Barracuda Email Security Gateway and Barracuda Email Protection.

  • Provides industry-leading spam and virus defense for email
  • Scans your email traffic to block malicious attachments and URLs
  • Prevents data loss with outbound traffic inspection
  • Administers advanced analysis to spot typo-squatting and other signs of phishing
  • With Advanced Threat Protection subscription, detects and blocks unknown, zero-day threats and ransomware variants

Avoid targeted attacks in your Office 365 environment with Barracuda Phishing and Impersonation Protection.

  • Uses artificial intelligence for real-time spear phishing and cyber fraud defense
  • Delivers domain fraud visibility and protection with DMARC
  • Provides fraud simulation and automated training for users
  • Connects directly to Office 365 and works alongside any email security solution

Fight phishing with continuous simulation and training with Barracuda Security Awareness Training.

  • Delivers advanced, computer-based security awareness training and simulation
  • Provides customizable simulation and training content
  • Allows users to instantly report suspicious emails with the Phish Reporting Button
  • Includes industry-leading analytics and reporting

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