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Protect your budget from crime and lost productivity.

Cybercrime and attack remediation cost budget dollars, classroom time, and funding eligibility. Distractions and downtime lead to productivity loss that hurts your bottom line.

Prevent attacks across all threat vectors.

Successful attacks often combine multiple threat vectors, or exploit security gaps created by misconfigured cloud workloads and unapproved software and hardware. The most secure organizations will defend all threat vectors with multiple layers of protection, segment their networks to prevent lateral threat movement, and block rogue applications or hardware from being installed.

Barracuda secures all threat vectors, including email, network, applications, web activity, and data. Our comprehensive security solutions allow administrators to fully secure IoT devices, block rogue technology, and automatically remediate cloud misconfigurations.

Train staff to recognize phishing and other harmful email.

Educational organizations are more likely than any other to fall victim to a phishing scam. These attacks result in the loss of millions of dollars through fake invoice paymentsransomware attacks, and costs associated with downtime and data breach remediation. These costs can be devastating to a school budget.

Barracuda Total Email Protection secures your organization from sophisticated attacks like spear phishing, account takeover, and business email compromise. AI-based threat detection identifies and prevents phishing attacks, and integrated security awareness campaigns train users to identify and respond to the latest email threats.

Respond quickly to advanced threats and attacks.

Educational organizations need a threat intelligence partner to help them defend their networks from new threats and zero-day attacks. Successful attacks must be eliminated quickly so that lost data can be restored without the risk of reinfection.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall identifies intrusion attempts and network anomalies and provides real-time protection against a broad range of threats. Barracuda Incident Response reduces the impact and cost of email attacks with automatic threat removal and fast click-through remediation. Barracuda data protection solutions let you recover data fast from any device.

Protect your bandwidth from streaming services, unauthorized downloads, and distracting websites.

Educational institutions regularly struggle with bandwidth and network performance. Unlimited access to streaming services, gaming sites, or e-commerce applications can interfere with higher priority activities such as media-rich curriculum and intense cloud workloads. This can also create an environment of distracted students and less productive workers.

Barracuda Web Security and Filtering solutions enable granular control over internet activity. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall provides adaptive bandwidth protection and application-based routing, to ensure you get the best performance from your bandwidth.

Deploy comprehensive security without the extra work.

Educators and administrators are prioritizing cybersecurity and data protection to defend themselves against everything from ransomware to nation-state attempts to steal valuable research and other data. Budgets are in flux, cyberattacks are increasing, and data breaches are common. Lean IT teams do not have time for complicated deployments and tedious management tasks.

Barracuda solutions simplify security and data protection with easy deployments and pre-configured policies that can be customized in minutes. Our SaaS solutions, configuration wizards, automated remediation tools, and centralized management and updates are time-savers and cost-cutters in the IT workflow.

Protect your budget with powerful, easy-to-use security and data protection solutions.

Don’t let cybercriminals siphon resources from your school. Defend your budget dollars, sensitive data, and classroom time with Barracuda’s award-winning security solutions.
Protect your school from account takeover, business email compromise, phishing, malicious email attachments, and other costly email-borne attacks. Secure your Office 365 data and email messages with Barracuda backup and archiving solutions. Train users to recognize email attacks and empower your IT teams to respond quickly to threats with Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response. Defend your entire email and Office 365 environment with comprehensive protection from one easy-to-use solution. 
Protect your network from web-borne malware, viruses, and other advanced threats that lead to ransomware attacks. Optimize your campus bandwidth and student productivity with content filtering and application control. Monitor network and user activity for harmful behavior, policy violations, and overall performance.
Deploy a hosted web security and filtering solution that extends protection to devices regardless of location. Protect the network from infection by blocking infected endpoints from joining the network. The proxy-free architecture reduces the use of school bandwidth to while enforcing a safe computing environment.
Secure your networks with real-time protection and a global threat intelligence network that comes to you, wherever you are. Defend your on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid networks from the latest threats with Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection and our global threat intelligence platform. Remote access capabilities protect dispersed networks across multiple locations. Reduce long-term costs with Barracuda Instant Replacement and Energize updates.
Defend your web applications, APIs, and mobile apps from advanced threats and sophisticated bots.  The SaaS model and our 5-step deployment wizard take the time-consuming complexity out of application protection. Support for Chromebooks and BYOD environments help schools keep device costs low while ensuring student access to online resources and a safe computing environment.
Protect your student records, employee files, and other important data with Barracuda data protection. Recover files, inboxes, or entire servers quickly from your centralized management console or with help from our award-winning support team. Instant Replacement, near continuous data protection, and Barracuda LiveBoot help you avoid the costs and labor-intense recovery processes associated with accidental or malicious deletion, natural disasters, and cyberattacks.

Protect your students, faculty, and staff.

Contact us to discuss your security needs or to arrange a demonstration or free trial of any Barracuda product.