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Zero Trust Access for Microsoft 365

Secure access to your Microsoft 365 applications on any device, anywhere.

Zero Trust Access for Microsoft 365

Protect against phishing and block threats at the device level on any mobile device. Users do not need to install or maintain additional software for this protection, which eliminates the exposure associated with unreliable mobile networks and devices.

Enable your organization to create robust access policies and gain visibility into who has access to what Microsoft 365 applications and from where. Set role and attribute-based controls to grant contextual access to trusted users and devices, gain total visibility into access activities, and mitigate risks. With Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA) and dynamically-triggered multifactor authentication (MFA), you can prevent advanced MFA bypass attacks and mitigate breach risk for your employees.

Simplified Management

Simplify provisioning for company-owned and employee-owned devices, as well as shared home computers based on app and role. Easily onboard your teams to ensure secure access to apps and web, including one-click user addition and deletion. Set and manage access controls with its policy engine.

Maintain security with continuous assessment of user and device access privileges. Manage global policies such as disk encryption and device screen lock and automatically block access for compromised devices. Improve productivity and remove friction with simple, self-service remediation steps to fix access issues.

Meet SOC Type 2 and other compliance requirements with no extra work. Zero Trust Access creates a clear system of record for your Microsoft 365 applications, delivering streamlined reports of system access across the organization. Manage, track, and verify the who, what, and when of privileged access in one product. Streamline audit and compliance reporting. Get useful insights into endpoint telemetry, define access policies, continuously monitor device security posture, and more.

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