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Security Awareness Training

Fight security threats with security awareness training.


New content is added, every day creating endless combinations of email templates, landing pages, email account senders, and web server domains. As the threat landscape changes so will our tests, giving you access to the most up-to-date content.

All content can be found in the Content Center Marketplace, a one-stop shop for browsing, selecting, and importing the perfect content to craft your continually evolving campaigns.

Add that special touch by customizing any of the templates, so your simulated attacks come from people in positions of trust, effectively testing your workforce and teaching them to be wary of threats that only your organization may have seen.


In today’s threat landscape, you can be phished from more than just email. Train your team on every facet of threat with Barracuda’s multi-variable campaigns that include Smishing (SMS/Text), Vishing (Voicemail) and Found Physical Media. This unique capability will help prevent users from receiving the same mock phishing template in a campaign and can allow for hypothesis-based testing (A/B tests).

Protect your user base by training them to recognize unfamiliar outgoing texts with our industry-leading smishing simulation. The innovative incoming mode allows you to email requests to text custom phone numbers as the call-to-action for otherwise innocuous emails, catching what would be a normally unknown vector before it can be used against your workforce.

Employees get many phone calls each day. Which one of those will cost the company? With Barracuda’s anti-voicemail phishing, or ‘vishing,’ we provide fully customizable simulated threats that will complement any security awareness campaign.

Using the same Smart Attachment technology found in our email campaigns, you can distribute files on portable drives and cards with watermarks in a variety of file formats to track who is willing to plug it into your network. The files won’t cause security problems even if non-employees find them as the content redirects users to landing pages designed to educate on the perils found in anonymous portable media.

Crafting effective scenarios is paramount when developing an effective anti-spear-phishing campaign, especially in long-term approaches where users would start seeing repetitive emails. Prevent that by using Barracuda’s advanced threat simulation features, including time stamping to create a sense of urgency, prompting users to respond before they can think it through, phone home macros, DLP tagging, geolocation, and more. Our patented system allows for multiple combinations of email templates, landing pages, email account senders, and web server domains in a single campaign.


Enable easy tracking of user phishing attempts with the Phish Reporting Button, simplifying the task of reporting possible threats while tying in user reporting to your training regimen.

Why stop at username and email address, when you can test based on location, job function, tenure, privileged credentials, and access to sensitive networks and applications? Barracuda gives you granular control of your reports, such as that your mid-level marketing managers in Kansas are more likely to click a link in an email on Tuesday, as well as testing and education, so your workforce isn’t inundated with emails they shouldn’t get.

More than 16,000 data points are at your disposal with Barracuda’s advanced metrics and reporting. Identify levels of risk at macro and micro levels in your organization, to help expedite remediation while keeping your workforce at maximum efficiency by targeting training to only those who need testing at that moment.

Worried about data leaking from your organization? With Barracuda’s built-in Data Loss Prevention Activator, you can track where those campaign emails and portable media drops go and who accesses it, to know who might leak your company data as well.

Is your workforce leaning hard on whether there’s an encryption symbol next to the URL when they click links in their emails? With HTTPS and SSL landing pages you can collect information from your users without the possibility of people snooping that information and using it against you, while convincing your users that they are safe.


Engage your users and make the cat-and-mouse aspect of security awareness fun by turning the workflow into a game with leaderboards and user-leveling systems. This will help train users to spot and report threats while keeping the idea of spear phishing at the forefront of their mind.

Should a CEO or accounts payable team get the same test as your engineer, nurse, or teacher? With Barracuda, you can issue risk-based surveys that provide unique insights into your user-level security posture. By being better informed about your user-level risk and validating it throughout the year, you will maintain a security plan that mirrors your organizational objectives.

To support your computer-based training initiatives, Barracuda provides supplementary materials, such as two-minute best practice videos covering topics like malware awareness and password security. In addition, there is an array of bonus training materials, including posters, newsletters, infographics, and tip sheets. Barracuda has partnered with several reputable content vendors to augment our built-in content.

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