Take the hassle out of regulatory and e-discovery compliance. Barracuda archiving solutions makes it simple to create, maintain, and search secure, immutable email and IM archives, while slashing storage costs and giving all users access to archived email.

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I check the Message Archiver periodically to make sure there are no issues, but that’s it... Searching is extremely easy and fast with the Barracuda Message Archiver.

Andy Coleman

Director of Technology, School District of Pickens Country

The City of Lebanon’s IT director was overwhelmed with managing email archives for regulatory compliance using the Exchange server. Barracuda Message Archiver made it easy and automatic.

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Pickens County School District Director of Technology Andy Coleman was spending way too much time searching for subpoena-required emails. With Barracuda Message Archiver, e-discovery is a breeze.

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The Panthers Group was growing fast, and older, ad hoc systems for storing and recovering critical business data couldn’t keep up. Barracuda Message Archiver delivered the features and scalability they needed.

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We set up the appliance, turned it on, and it just started working. The Barracuda Message Archiver has been perfect since day one!

David Pfaehler

Branch Chief of Network and Telecommunications Division, South Carolina Department of Corrections

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