Domain Fraud Protection

Defend your brands from cybercriminals.


Domain Fraud Protection

Prevent email domain fraud with DMARC reporting and analysis. Barracuda provides granular visibility and analysis of DMARC reports, helps you minimize false positives, protect legitimate email, and prevent spoofing.

DMARC Reporting

Barracuda’s domain fraud protection prevents third parties from maliciously spoofing domains. The solution leverages DMARC to gain visibility into legitimate and non-legitimate emails being sent with a particular domain and enables customers to make sure their legitimate emails are delivered correctly while blocking the malicious senders.

DMARC reports are automatically gathered, analyzed, and visualized. Customers simply need to change their DNS record using the setup wizard provided. Barracuda takes care of the reporting and analysis of the DMARC logs.

Customers can get high-level insights on the different email systems sending emails with their domains and gain access to in-depth information, including which IPs are passing and failing DMARC, domain misalignment, and spoofing samples.

Email Authentication

Barracuda helps customers correctly configure their DKIM and SPF, as well as troubleshoot common problems in SPF/DKIM configuration, such as domain misalignment.

By leveraging Barracuda Network's IP reputation databases, we can provide detailed information on the source of spoofing emails, including geographic and sender information, as well as samples of spoofing emails.


Barracuda can automatically detect misconfigured legitimate senders, and helps customers correctly configure their SPF and DKIM to ensure that legitimate emails are delivered.

Barracuda protects customer brands by ensuring that attackers can’t impersonate domains to trick clients, employees, and third parties.

Barracuda can help customers increase their legitimate email deliverability, by ensuring that their emails pass email authentication.