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Barracuda Sonian

Securely preserve, search, and access electronic communications in the cloud

Rapidly respond to demands for data

Be prepared, protected and proactive with Barracuda Cloud Archive, the easiest way for a business to preserve, access and act on communications data.

Archive electronic communications

Preserve every inbound and outbound email and file attachment in the secure and dynamically scalable archive.

Search them quickly

Find and access exactly what you need in seconds with fast and accurate search tools.

Act as needed

Filter, tag and export relevant content to meet legal, compliance and corporate governance demands.

Proactively Reduce Risk

Barracuda Cloud Archive is the easiest way for businesses to preserve, access and act on communications data. Barracuda Cloud Archive securely preserves electronic communications, making them searchable and accessible in the cloud. With fast and accurate search, you find exactly what you need -- whenever you need it.

Protect and Easily Access Critical Data

Rapid Deployment
  • No additional infrastructure
  • No lengthy service engagements
  • No system downtime
  • Hands-free installation
Peace of Mind
  • Secure, compliant storage
  • Authenticated user access
  • Audit trail
  • Role-based permissions
  • No search limitations
  • No search timeouts
  • Unlimited concurrent searches

Adaptable and Dependable

Barracuda Cloud Archive is an adaptable solution that supports a wide variety of email platforms, including Microsoft 365, IBM email platforms and Rackspace Hosted Email. The Barracuda Cloud Archive platform leverages many AWS world class services, including S3 Storage, providing 99.99% uptime.

More information about our service level agreement can be found here

Data-Retention Compliance

Barracuda Cloud Archive helps you comply with data-retention regulations that apply to all businesses, including SOX and FRPC, as well as a wide range of industry-specific requirements for healthcare, financial services and government agencies.

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