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Protecting Students, Data, and your IT Budget

Safe Online Learning

As schools move curriculum and materials to a digital, online world, managing online student safety is top priority for IT personnel. With the use of tablets and student owned devices on and off campus, administrators need to have the ability to enforce content security policies. Additionally, because social-networking sites have also become integral parts of a rich, collaborative online learning experience, there is a need for high-level vigilance to protect students online.

 Regulate and monitor user activities with Barracuda Web Security Gateway

  • Enforce safe search on all major search engines
  • Gain granular insight into websites, apps, and devices with customized reporting
  • Promptly identify and monitor harassment and cyberbullying within SSL-encrypted social media networks
  • Facilitate access to online educational content by allowing temporary access to restrictive content
  • Trigger suspicious activity alerts in real-time
  • G Suite for Education enforcement
  • Extend security for all devices on and off the network with Barracuda remote security agents
  • Enforce security policies on Chromebooks, even when outside the network

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