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Purpose Built Backup Appliance

What is a Purpose Built Backup Appliance?

Purpose built backup appliances (PBBA) combine both storage and computing power into a single server that is optimized for storing backup data. PBBAs are easy to add to most backup environments already in place without having to make significant architectural changes.

PBBA Key Features

PBBA features typically include:

  • Easy setup and management of the appliance: PBBAs typically provide interfaces that automate many aspects of setting up and maintaining the appliance.
  • Multiple redundant hardware components such as power and multiple redundant NICs, to help avoid data loss in the event of a system failure.
  • Deduplication of backup data, both inline and at the source. Because deduplication removes redundant copies of stored information, storage costs can be lowered.
  • Encryption of data at rest. This means that data currently stored on the PBBA is protected from view in the event of a security breach.

PBBA Purchase Considerations

When looking at PBBA options, there are some basic requirements that will ensure that the appliance can effectively function as a backup system:

  • Plug and Play: An appliance should function out of the box, with pre-installed backup software, and storage hardware that is designed around a specific workload, and optimized for speed and efficiency.
  • Flexibility: a PBBA should be capable of expansion and contraction defined by the changing needs of the business. An effective PBBA can serve as a single appliance, or it can be clustered with other dedicated appliances, to share resources like deduplication or encryption at rest. This will effectively increase the lifespan of an appliance. Useful PBBAs will not only offer a wide range of usable capacity to support current and future requirements; they also make storage increases user friendly.
  • Manageability: To conserve valuable IT staff resources and time, a backup appliance should offer centralized management and reporting via a central, easy to use console. To further reduce complexity, consider a solution that also enables client software deployment across multiple appliances.
  • Additional features: a PBBA’s ability to support new services when they are needed, can help to make it a useful part of an expanding organization’s storage requirements. This could include features like archiving, snapshot management, or e-discovery, all managed from a single hub.

Why Purpose Built Backup Appliances are Important

Backup and disaster recovery capabilities are critical for any organization. PBBAs can provide a way to flexibly and easily add high-reliability backups for any organization.

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