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Email Legal Hold

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What is Email Legal Hold?

Legal actions, or the potential for them, are an unavoidable part of doing business. And, whether the action is a civil lawsuit or a criminal investigation, one thing for sure is that everyone involved is going to be obligated to produce every relevant email message as part of the e-discovery process.

When you’re asked to comply with an e-discovery request, you want to be absolutely certain that you can produce original, unmodified emails — if they were accidentally deleted or altered in the meantime, it could expose you and your organization to costly liability.

Email legal hold is a technical capability that allows you to tag particular emails as potentially significant for a current or future legal action. Any email tagged for legal hold should be retained in a special archive that remains accessible only to specific users, and that prevents the email from being deleted or altered in any way.

Barracuda Email ProtectionBarracuda Message Archiver, and Cloud Archiving Service all provide robust, easy-to-use, automated legal-hold capabilities. You can designate one or more users who are empowered to apply legal hold on specific emails. These messages are stored in a tamper-proof record for the specified duration of the legal hold, or until the hold is removed by a designated user. These capabilities reduce your exposure to legal risk, while also significantly reducing the time and resources required to comply with e-discovery requests.

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