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Don’t fall victim

to ransomware.

The FBI has issued multiple warnings on the dangers of ransomware. Barracuda secures hospitals, healthcare providers, and business associates against these attacks with a multilayered defense. Our global threat intelligence network protects Barracuda customers in real time from hacking gangs and evolving threats.

Secure user credentials from email attacks.

Phishing and social engineering attacks are designed to steal user credentials by tricking a recipient into logging into a service that steals the username and password. These credentials are then used to access the victim’s email, network, applications, and other resources. Malicious email and compromised credentials are at the heart of most ransomware attacks.

Barracuda Email Protection combines gateway defense with AI-enabled inbox protection to protect against all email threat types, including spear phishing and sophisticated impersonation attacks. This layered approach is the industry’s most comprehensive protection against all 13 email threat types.

Protect your web applications.

Patient care portals, online scheduling applications, and user login forms are always under attack. Malicious botnets are programmed to find web applications like these and scan them for outdated software, misconfigured security, and other vulnerabilities. Criminals can enter a network, locate and steal sensitive data, and then launch a ransomware attack that disables systems and interrupts patient care. And this can all be done through poorly secured web applications that were found by a bot.

Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service defends your entire application attack surface, including application programming interfaces (APIs ) and mobile apps. Barracuda Advanced Bot Protection uses machine learning to identify and block malicious bots while allowing legitimate traffic to use your applications as intended.

Protect access to your applications.

The increase in web applications and remote work has created a sprawl of identities, credential sets, and virtual private network (VPN) connections. This creates the perfect environment for misconfigured user accounts and gaps in security. It also expands the attack surface for criminals that want to find a way into your network to steal data and launch a ransomware attack.

Barracuda CloudGen Access centralizes security and access policies on all apps and devices. This Zero Trust Network Access solution ensures that users and devices access only the applications that are explicitly assigned to them. Streamlined provisioning makes it easy to onboard teams and deploy global policies that are enforced on all apps and devices, regardless of infrastructure and network.

Protect your data with secure backup.

Despite strict HIPAA regulations around data backup, many healthcare providers have paid a ransom rather than recover from backups. This happens when the ransomware has found and destroyed the backups or when the victims realize that data restoration is more expensive and disruptive than paying a ransom.

Barracuda Backup stops ransomware gangs from damaging your backups, with features such as offsite vaulting to secure cloud storage and a hardened Linux platform that prevents the execution of ransomware.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup offers comprehensive backups and granular restore capabilities, and both solutions provide immutable backups, air gap protection, and many other security features. It is easy to test and practice large and small-scale recovery procedures.

Protect your patients, customers, and staff.

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