Spear Phishing:

Top Threats and Trends

Vol. 3
Defending against business email compromise attacks

Protect your business from some of the most sneaky, targeted and expensive types of spear-phishing attacks.

See all the revealing new details about business email compromise (BEC), including the latest tactics used by cybercriminals and the best practices to defend your business:

  • How scammers use convincing impersonation, strategic targeting, careful timing and social engineering to steal money or personally-identifiable information from finance department employees or others with access to sensitive information

  • Why BEC attacks, which have caused more than $26 billion in losses, are particularly difficult to detect, and which types of approaches scammers are using in the subject lines and messages of emails to launch attacks

  • Which advanced detection techniques, security awareness training and other strategies and solutions businesses are using to successfully prevent costly and damaging BEC attacks

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