Barracuda Solutions for Ransomware

Protect your business from ransomware attacks.

From early 2018 to early 2019 there was a 508% increase in ransomware attacks

Barracuda’s multi-layered defense protects your data (and your money)


Detect ransomware and other advanced threats, using Barracuda multi-layer detection technologies including sandbox analysis.


Prevent them from infecting your systems, using Barracuda’s best-of-breed products to secure your network, email, web traffic, and outward-facing web applications.


Recover quickly and easily in case attackers are successful, with Barracuda’s robust backup solutions that leave attackers empty handed, while you get right back to business.

“If you have a Barracuda Backup in place, ransomware is absolutely no threat to your environment, ever.”
-Steve Banas
The Port of Los Angeles
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"The first attack—without Barracuda Backup—had taken three weeks to fix and still didn’t clean everything as we later learned. By my estimation, that cost us over a million dollars in lost productivity."
-Nels Benson
IT Director, Atlas Research
"With Barracuda CloudGen Firewall our students and our network are perfectly safe and you don’t have to worry about threats like the recent ransomware outbreaks."
-John Kellen
IT Manager, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Health Campus
"Barracuda Backup worked exactly as it should. It was easy, it was fast, and our attackers got nothing."
-Brian O’Connor
IT Manager, HarcoSemco

Ransomware is a type of malware that attackers use to find and encrypt your most important data. They then offer to provide the decryption key only if you pay a ransom, within a short time.

Cybercriminals exploit a variety of threat vectors, including email, voicemail, texting, portable media, network traffic, user behavior, and application traffic to gain access to your environment. After they gain access, their malware can move laterally to infect additional endpoints and encrypt more data. The criminals then demand payment, often in cryptocurrency. But, as many unfortunate organizations have learned, even if you pay the ransom, the criminals may not hold up their end of the deal.

Ransomware is still a problem

A new organization will fall victim to ransomware every 14 seconds in 2019, and every 11 seconds by 2021.

Cyber Security Ventures

The FBI reports that the number of attacks that were reported were “artificially low” due to companies not reporting attacks

FBI IC3 Annual Internet Crime Report

70% of Ransomware attacks targeted SMBs

2019 Beazley Breach Briefing Report

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Find out just how dangerous ransomware has become—and how easy it can be to place yourself out of the reach of ransomware criminals.


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Barracuda solutions detect ransomware regardless of the vector of attack.

  • Free online scanners find dormant email threats and web app vulnerabilities.
  • AI-powered anti-phishing technology provides detection of hard-to-spot social-engineering attempts to propagate ransomware.
  • Computer-based security-awareness training transforms your workforce into a powerful line of defense.
  • Advanced Threat Protection service extends multi-layered detection of zero-hour attacks across all vectors, while ensuring that new threat data gathered from one vector (e.g., email) is instantly shared across all gateway and network security solutions.

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Barracuda provides a family of advanced network firewalls that monitor and secure traffic both into and out of the network, along with internal traffic, to prevent ransomware and other malware from gaining a foothold. Advanced email security solutions go beyond what gateways can do, combining multiple powerful filtering techniques with backup and more for Office 365.

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If ransomware does take control of your data, there’s no need to pay ransom or go through a difficult and tedious recovery process—if you have a strong, modern, easy-to-use backup solution. Barracuda offers superior backup solutions—on-premises or in the cloud—that make it simple and fast to restore an up-to-date copy of any file, whether you’re restoring an entire server or specifically selecting files to restore.

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