Barracuda Solutions for Ransomware

Protect your business from ransomware attacks.

Detect ransomware attacks before they get into your network.

Barracuda offers powerful tools to detect threats of all kinds. Free online scanners show you the latent threats and app vulnerabilities already lurking in your network, and powerful solutions work together to uncover advanced, evasive threats actively attacking your systems.

Free Threat Scanners

Barracuda Email Threat Scanner

Email Threat Scanner is a free online service that detects latent threats lurking in your Office 365 mailboxes.

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Barracuda Vulnerability Manager

Barracuda Vulnerability Manager scans your public-facing web applications to find any unpatched vulnerabilities.

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Anti-Phishing Detection

Barracuda email security products use multiple advanced techniques to detect and block phishing attempts.

Phishing is one of the ways that criminals get the access they need to implement a ransomware attack. An important line of defense against phishing is training your employees to recognize subtle clues and identify the latest attack techniques, to help stop email fraud, data loss, and brand damage. Barracuda PhishLine is critical to pre-empting ransomware attacks before they can inflict serious damage.

Advanced Threat Protection

Multiple Barracuda products feature this cloud-based, multi-layer scanning engine as an add-on subscription. It detects advanced malware across multiple vectors, with sandbox analysis to find even previously unknown threats.

Thanks to its multi-layered security approach, including full-system emulation sandboxing, Barracuda CloudGen Firewall with ATP provides the deepest visibility into malware behavior while simultaneously being the toughest one to evade.