Don’t Be a Ransomware Victim

Ransomware is on the rise. Barracuda’s multi-layered defense protects your data (and your money).


In the ongoing arms race against cybercriminals, even the best defenses may occasionally be breached. When ransomware does get in, a robust backup strategy ensures that no harm is done—and that you keep your money.


Barracuda Backup automatically creates updated backups as files are revised, and duplicates them to the secure Barracuda cloud or to a private off-site location. If criminals encrypt your files with ransomware, first eliminate the malware, then simply delete the encrypted files and restore them from a recent backup file. The whole process can take as little as one hour, letting you get right back to business, and leaving the criminals empty-handed.

Barracuda Backup
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Help keep your precious data safe.
Without Barracuda Backup, we would have faced a real crisis—it would have profoundly affected the whole company over a long period. But instead, we resolved the problem so quickly that if I’d been out to lunch I might have missed the whole thing. Thanks to Barracuda Backup, the criminals didn’t get a penny, and Hayward Tyler got right back to work.
A.J. Murray

United States IT Manager

Hayward Tyler PLC

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