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Migrating Your Email Infrastructure to Office 365?

Be sure to move your Email Security solution with it – Barracuda Email Security & Email Management on Microsoft Azure

Barracuda’s email solutions enhance the existing security and archiving capabilities in Office 365’s native solutions. With advanced functionality to provide granular email management, real-time threat protection, and extended email availability, Barracuda’s security and storage offerings give organizations peace of mind in having complete control of their cloud-based email infrastructure.

Protect Your Email Infrastructure with the Barracuda Email Security Gateway for Azure

Email Security Gateway

Barracuda is an established market leader for email security. When companies look to implement hosted email solutions, the Barracuda Email Security Gateway for Azure provides comprehensive email security beyond the baseline security included with Office 365.

Email Security Gateway

Barracuda Email Security Gateway provides multi-layer comprehensive email security, including:

  • Protection for inbound and outbound email traffic with advanced threat protection features
  • Real-time protection against new threats
  • Built-in agentless email encryption
  • Protection from zero-day and targeted malware attacks
  • Data leak prevention to ensure sensitive information stays within the organization

Secure your Email Data with journal capture using the Barracuda Message Archiver on Azure

Companies moving to hosted email solutions like Office 365 often find that in-place preservation lacks the granular security they require when preserving email for litigation and regulatory compliance.

Message Archiver

The Barracuda Message Archiver on Azure utilizes Journal Capture to secure a complete copy of email data in motion and preserves it in a separate repository. This ensures that email can’t be deleted or tampered with, and allows companies complete control over preserved data. The Barracuda Message Archiver provides streamlined search and discovery capabilities, and Outlook plug-ins for Android and iOS allow users to access archived messages via smartphones and tablets.

The Barracuda Message Archiver allows organizations to:

  • Archive mail from cloud-based email services like Office 365
  • Customize email retention rules to suit their requirements
  • Designate auditors who can apply litigation holds
Message Archiver

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