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Unchain Yourself from Legacy Security Architecture

Moving to the cloud? A legacy “perimeter” solution engineered for on-premises networks with one point of entry may not be the right tool for the job. To handle the security needs of today’s distributed networks, look for a solution built specifically to meet the cloud’s security requirements: a Cloud Generation Firewall.

Cloud generation firewalls are different from legacy architecture:

  • They support automated, packaged deployment best practices.
  • They provide a commercial model that takes advantage of superior cloud economics.
  • They support specific cloud security use cases.

Learn the 3 things that make a firewall a true cloud generation firewall and how you can select one to protect your Amazon Web Services (AWS) network.

A Cloud Generation Firewall Engineered for AWS

The Barracuda NGF is a purpose-built Cloud Generation Firewall engineered for rapid deployment and operation within dispersed, highly dynamic, and security-critical network environments on AWS. As an AWS Security Competency certified solution, it allows customers to offer secure remote access, secure office-to-cloud connectivity, and cloud network segmentation – all with autoscaling groups that can be deployed using CloudFormation templates.

Shared Security with Barracuda on Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of secure compute, storage, application, and deployment services that help organizations to move faster, scale applications, and lower IT costs. However, since you are still responsible for protecting your own AWS-based assets you need security that can complement the AWS shared security model. That’s where Barracuda can help.

In the cloud, companies still need to protect their business resources, also known as network threat vectors—company email, web applications, network perimeter, remote access, mobility, and users. While threat vectors remain constant, attack surfaces are always changing; these include physical, virtual, and cloud. What’s required is powerful security for applications, network, web, and email. Barracuda understands your IT needs and provides best-of-breed solutions for firewalling, load balancing, web application security, and email security on Amazon Web Services.

Barracuda and Amazon work well together - we both want to make IT simple while delivering comprehensive, in-depth security.

“We had security gaps in our departments. We looked around, did some research and found exactly what we wanted in Barracuda. ” Sergey Rodovinsky
VP of Technology, IRIS Solutions

Barracuda Solutions Available in AWS GovCloud Region

Barracuda’s AWS-enabled products are available in AWS GovCloud – an isolated AWS region designed to allow US government agencies, nonprofits and educational institutions, and private sector companies with heightened security needs to move sensitive workloads into the cloud. AWS GovCloud helps organizations address very specific compliance requirements including those posed by the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), FedRAMPSM and DoD CSM Levels 1-5 specifications. Barracuda provides the additional layer of real-time security for applications built on this AWS GovCloud environment, allowing customers to completely protect their mission critical workloads. Customers can now leverage best-in-class Barracuda security and storage solutions with their applications strengthening their overall privacy and data protection policies.

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