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Barracuda Email Security Service

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Deployment options:  Hosted Office 365

Comprehensive and 100% Cloud-Based Email Security for all Organizations

Barracuda’s Email Security Service protects your organization with comprehensive, scalable and affordable multi-layer security whether you use on-premises email or a cloud-hosted email system like Office 365.

Email continues to be a primary communication channel and thus is also one of the most frequently exploited threat vectors. Email-borne data breaches, data leaks and business disruptions cost money and reputation.

In addition to spam-based attacks, email threats have evolved to highly sophisticated phishing campaigns, targeted zero-hour attacks and data theft aimed at exploiting risky user behavior. With 91% of hacks starting with a targeted email attack, organizations need to protect their users, data and assets. If you are hosting your email in the cloud such as with Office 365, you also have to deal with the added challenge of continuity.

Barracuda Email Security Service combines several layers of protection for inbound and outbound email to secure against the most advanced email borne attacks and also provides email spooling to ensure business continuity.

Key Features: Spam Protection, Virus Protection, Malware Protection, Link Protection and Typosquatting , Data Leak Prevention, Agentless Email Encryption, Anti-Phishing Protection, Advanced Threat Detection, Denial-of-Service Attack Protection, Outbound Email Filtering, Email Spooling

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Inbound Filtering: Stop Email-Borne Threats Before They Hit Your Mail Server

The Barracuda Email Security Service quickly filters every email before it hits your mail server to protect against inbound malware, spam, phishing and Denial of Service attacks. Features include sender spoof protection, domain name validation and anti-fraud intelligence.

The service is powered by Barracuda Central, our global 24x7 threat operations center that constantly monitors the Internet for new email-borne threats across all attack vectors. The service is continuously updated with the latest threat definitions intelligence and software updates which means zero maintenance cost to you.

Our scalable cloud and prioritized filtering technology ensures that you get the best possible level of protection without adding significant delays to the time it takes to receive emails – even during peak load times during the day.

Protect against Targeted Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats

Our Advanced Threat Detection goes beyond inbound email filtering to provide comprehensive protection from targeted attacks that may contain malicious links and attachments. We utilize a full system emulation sandbox to prevent suspicious URLs and files from reaching your users.

  • Barracuda Link Protection detects malicious and malformed URLs at click-time, and redirects them to our sandbox so users are protected from potential malware and ransomware.
  • Available Advanced Threat Detection opens suspicious attachments in our sandbox and detonates them in real-time to protect users from these highly-effective, socially-engineered attacks.

Outbound Email Filtering: Protect Your Critical Data From Escaping Your Business

Outbound filtering keeps sensitive data from leaving your organization while simultaneously ensuring that legitimate emails are delivered. At the same time, outbound filtering also blocks outbound spam and viruses, preventing your employees or other infected clients from inadvertently sending malicious email, as well as keeping your mail server IP addresses and domains from being listed on spam block lists.

Employees can inadvertently allow their email to be used for botnet spam. The outbound filter stops outbound spam and viruses.

Administrators can also create and enforce content policies to prevent sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, HIPAA data, customer lists and other private information from being sent by email. Policies can automatically encrypt, quarantine or even block certain outbound emails based on their content, sender or recipient.

Secure Your Communication with Email Encryption and Spooling

Your emails can travel through many different servers before they reach the intended mailbox.  The Barracuda Email Security Service secures your mail by encrypting it during transport to the Barracuda Message Center, encrypting it at rest for storage in the cloud, and providing secure retrieval by your recipients through HTTPS Web access.  Data in-motion is secured via Transport Layer Security (TLS), and data at-rest is secured via AES 256-bit encryption.

If you are sending a sensitive email, you can manually mark it for encryption. However, you can also create a policy to automatically encrypt emails based on their sender, content and other criteria. Encryption policies ensure that your organization complies with regulations designed to protect customer data, such as HIPAA.

All of the encryption in the world is meaningless if your emails don’t get delivered. In the event of a disruption in your mail server, email can be spooled on Barracuda’s Cloud Protection Layer for up to 96 hours. An alternate destination can also be specified for delivery if delivery to the primary destination fails.

Works with On-Premises and Hosted Email Systems

Barracuda’s Email Security Services protects both on-premises mail servers like Microsoft Exchange and hosted mail services like Office 365. Setup takes minutes and provides you with an advanced threat detection features that go beyond Exchange Online Protection to stop ransomware and sophisticated socially-engineered attacks with minimal IT involvement.

For additional layers of protection, our Barracuda Essentials service adds archiving and cloud-to-cloud backup of emails.

If you prefer a purely on-premises solution, the Barracuda Email Security Gateway provides the same features as the Barracuda Email Security Service in a plug-in hardware appliance or a downloadable virtual appliance. The on-premises appliance automatically connects to our secure cloud to get the latest threat definitions and software updates. It also offloads processing during peak load times and spools emails in case your mail server goes down.