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Port of San Diego Continues to Recover from Ransomware Attack

Recent attack highlights the importance of data backups in the face of ransomware threats. Darius Goodall, director of product marketing at Barracuda, shares expert advice on how to recover from a successful ransomware attack.


Asaf Cidon, Barracuda Networks: Malware Isn’t the Biggest Worry Nowadays, Credential Theft Is

In this Q&A with TechNadu, Asaf Cidon, Vice President of Email Security at Barracuda Networks talks about online security, artificial intelligence, and the mistakes people make online.

Barracuda Expands Leadership with its Public Cloud Security Solutions, Exceeds 200 Net New Customer Deployments

Growth Fueled by Flexible Deployment and Consumption Models, New Customers, MSP Growth, and Industry Recognition


How to combat the rise of account takeovers from hackers

Why are account takeovers on the rise? And how can businesses prevent this method of attack? Asaf Cidon, from Barracuda Networks, helps Information Age answer these questions


Email security should be more of a channel focus

Customers are leaving themselves exposed to threats as they move to hosted email offerings without adding data protection. Chris Ross, SVP, Sales, International, Barracuda Networks, weighs in.