Barracuda News Room


Why endpoint backup strategies fail in the cloud

With the rise of the cloud, SaaS, mobile devices, and IoT, enterprises have had to redefine endpoint protection. This article includes commentary from Greg Arnette, tech evangelist at Barracuda.


Cybersecurity Becoming Bigger SD-WAN Concern

As more companies implement SD-WANs, they are now facing the challenges of how to implement SD-WAN security. This article takes a closer look at Barracuda's recent study on SD-WAN challenges and benefits and includes an interview with Klaus Gheri, vice president of network security for Barracuda.


What You Need to Know about the Recent Apache Struts Vulnerability

Tushar Richabadas, product manager for the Barracuda CloudGen WAF product line, writes about the most recent Apache Struts vulnerability and how a web application firewall can help protect against threats like this.


‘Sextortion’ scam uses password breaches to target victims

Scammers are upping their sexual extortion game. Cyber-scammers are the ultimate opportunists. And the latest scam uses stolen passwords and sexual blackmail, according to a report from Barracuda Networks.


Stolen Data Used in Ongoing Sextortion Scam

Using consumer data stolen in data breaches and made available on the dark web, cyber-criminals have launched a sextortion phishing campaign, according to research from Barracuda Networks.