Your Office 365 Email is Vulnerable to Thousands of Cyber Threats

And the biggest threats may already be in your Inbox!

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Understanding the Threat

Inbound email is a target for spam, viruses, phishing attacks, malware, ransomware and other advanced threats intended to steal data and hijack control of your business. Although most threats target your inbox, the risk is not limited to external threats. Your outbound email can be used for unauthorized sending of confidential business data or unknowingly distribute malware and viruses.

Built-in security features like Exchange Online Protection (EOP) can help, but there are thousands of threats that can easily bypass standard email filters. According to Symantec, five out of every six large companies were targeted with email-based spear phishing attacks which bypass traditional email security filters. These are ticking time bombs in users' Inboxes.

Have you ever wondered how many advanced threats and spear phishing attacks have already penetrated your mail system?

How Barracuda Networks Can Help

Our new Email Threat Scanner discovers security and compliance threats that have passed your security perimeter and currently reside in your Office 365 account. The scan will help find:

Barracuda is a market leader and one of the early pioneers of spam filtering and advanced threat protection for email. Barracuda Essentials and the on-premises Barracuda Email Security Gateway are used by over 200,000 organizations for email encryption, inbound/outbound email filtering, data leak protection and spam/virus protection.

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