Protecting your business from cyberthreats in 2020

How to fight phishing, ransomware, and other top attacks

How are you protecting your business from the latest, sophisticated, and costly cyberattacks?

See all the details about the top potential cybersecurity threats of 2020 and the best practices to help defend your business against them:

  • How scammers continue to evolve the threat landscape in an ongoing attempt to outsmart more victims and further monetize sextortion, account takeover, and other cybercrimes, including fraud and identity theft
  • Why the current threat environment requires a multi-layered protection strategy to close technical and human gaps, maximize cybersecurity, and minimize the risk of falling victim to evolving phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks
  • Which advanced-detection techniques and solutions businesses are using to prevent expensive and damaging attacks, including leveraging artificial intelligence, phishing-simulation training, and other successful strategies

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