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Secure your Azure Infrastructure:
Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian for Azure

Secure your control, data, and management planes to eliminate mis-configurations, user errors, and latent or internal threats. Retain compliance with best practices in cloud security against industry standard including CIS, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more.

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian takes over where most solutions leave off – it ensures your environment stays secure while your organization continues to develop and extend cloud service and solutions to your overall infrastructure. Because Cloud Security Guardian is fully-integrated with Microsoft Graph Security API, it provides instantaneous alerts and one-click mitigation for detected misconfigurations and compliance violations.

Cloud Security Guardian is unique among CSPM solutions – Cloud Security Posture Management – in that it is fully aware of peripheral security, i.e. firewalls and WAFs. Cloud Security Guardian can orchestrate and deploy Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls, CloudGen WAFs, and WAF-as-a-Service and manage those configurations for you. It can also orchestrate and manage the Azure Firewall-as-a-Service.

Retaining regulatory compliance

Most regulatory compliance frameworks – GDPR, PCI DSS, etc. – require that infrastructures follow known best security practices to minimize the potential for breaches and data mismanagement. Cloud Security Guardian is built upon CIS Benchmarks, an industry-accepted Best Security Practices for IT infrastructures. These benchmarks (150+ of them) have all been turned into policies which Cloud Security Guardian automatically implements the first time it examines (onboards) an account. Going forward, it constantly monitors this account for any violations to these practices. In addition to CIS Benchmarks, policies for PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOC compliance have been added. It is also a simple task to modify and add new policies.

Licensed on metered basis

Because Cloud Security Guardian may be protecting multiple deployments and instances, it is licensed on a per-account – i.e., per VM – basis. This allows Cloud Security Guardian to scale up and down as required in PAYG environments and only charge you for the instances actually being secured. Actual usage is calculated on a monthly basis, ensuring you’re never overpaying for security.

Orchestrating network and application firewalls—including Azure Firewall‑as‑a‑Service

Because Cloud Security Guardian is able to provide cloud posture security management at the data, control, and management planes, it can also configure and deploy new Barracuda CloudGen Firewall and CloudGen WAF instances when it detects the need—totally eliminating the possibility of misconfigurations and streamlining the ongoing management of these solutions.

Cloud Security Guardian is also able to configure and manage the Azure Firewall-as-a-Service – in fact, you are presented with both options whenever Cloud Security Guardian detects the need to deploy a firewall. This also simplifies management going forward, and allows you to leverage Cloud Security Guardian is your single source for configuration reporting.

Free. Confidential scan of your Cloud Infrastructure health

Our Cloud Assessment Scanner will scan your cloud infrastructure with provide a full report within a few minutes that provides an assessment of your overall cloud Infrastructure health, and identifies configuration issues that aren’t compliant with industry best practices. Best of all, it’s fast, easy, and free. Scan my Cloud Now.

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