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Corrupt PST fails processing with 0x80040119 MAPI error

Solution # 00007602
Scope:Corrupt PST fails processing with 0x80040119 MAPI error


You have assigned a policy to a PST file but processing fails with errors. In the PST Enterprise Client log file you see the following error:

22 10:12:44 474491 PSTFileIterator::AddPstToProfile failed to configure message service 0x80040119
22 10:12:44 488335 PSTFileIterator::CreatePstProfile AddPstToProfile failed - trying to determine password
22 10:12:44 595974 CreatePstProfile AddPstToProfile failed 0x80040119


MAPI error 0x80040119 is MAPI_E_EXTENDED_ERROR. This indicates that the PST data is corrupt and the PST file cannot be open for processing.


To attempt to repair the corrupt PST file, you can use Microsoft's Inbox Repair tool scanpst.exe. If the file is successfully repaired, PST Enterprise will be able to process the PST next time it runs.

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