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How can I request a license for Archive One for Files?

Solution #00007404
ArchiveOne For Files, all versions
If you require a license for ArchiveOne for Files you will need to generate a license application file to send Barracuda. Barracuda will then send you back a license file suitable for your environment.
To generate the license application file,
1. Open the ArchiveOne Management Console.
2. Right-click on the ArchiveOne node and select 'System configuration'.
3. Navigate to the License tab.
4. Click the 'Generate License Application' button.
5. In the License Application Details dialog, fill in the Company Name and Email address fields.
6. Click 'OK' and you will be prompted for a location to save the file. Save the file as 'License.c2clicapp' in a suitable location.
7. Email the saved file to and in the email subject line please include 'Request for license for Archive One for Files'.The Barracuda Support team will generate a support ticket for you. The license request may take up to 24 hours to be processed. A new license will then be emailed back to you.

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