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User is not permitted to run searches on AOneSearch

Solution #00007312

ArchiveOne Enterprise, v6.0 or later.

When a user runs a search from the Archive Search website, no results are returned. The user however can see their folder hierarchy and message previews successfully. The following can be seen in the ArchiveOne service trace:
27 11:37:14 726077 @DCOM020d1a00 CAMComplianceServer::SearchIndex NetGetAnyDCName for 'MY_DOMAIN_NAME' failed 1355
27 11:37:15 836883 @DCOM020d1a00 CAMComplianceServer::Search NetUserGetInfo for 'MyUser' returned '1722'
27 11:37:15 839569 @DCOM020d1a00 CAMComplianceServer::GetSid LookupAccountName failed error 1722
27 11:37:15 841293 @DCOM020d1a00 CAMComplianceServer::CheckUser query.mailbox_str_arr.GetCount 2
27 11:37:15 845738 @DCOM020d1a00 AOneMailboxManagerDatabase::GetUser Failed to find user
27 11:37:15 847502 @DCOM020d1a00 CAMComplianceServer::CheckUser returning 0
27 11:37:15 849183 @DCOM020d1a00 SearchIndex User not allowed to search.

ArchiveOne is unable to locate a domain controller for the specified domain.

The error implies that there is a connectivity issue between the ArchiveOne server and the domain controller(s). You should check network connectivity and ensure a suitable domain controller is online.

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