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How do I disable ESMTP Inspection on CISCO ASA through Cisco Web Interface?

Solution #00006102

This is solution applies to firmware version 8.0 + on a CISCO ASA

When trying to telnet outbound from a Barracuda and ESMTP Inspection is turned on in a CISCO ASA you receive a banner that looks like this:
220 **********************
To fix this have the customer go to the Web Interface of their CISCO ASA.
From the web interface go to Configuration > Firewall > Service Policy Rules. From there choose the Rule Actions Tab > Protocol Inspections. In there you will see ESMTP with a checkbox next to it. Unselect the ESMTP checkbox and save changes. ESMTP Inspection should now be turned off and the 220 banner will have the name of the mail server.

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