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How do I update the firmware on my Barracuda Networks product?

Solution #00003989


All Barracuda Networks products, all firmware versions.

Check the Firmware Storage on the Basic > Status page of the product. If this is showing as red, please contact Barracuda Technical Support before proceeding.
  1. Click on Download Now to download the firmware version you wish to use. After the download has completed, the Download Now button's label will change to Apply. The download time depends on your internet and network speed.
    • While your system downloads the new firmware release...
  2. Navigate to Advanced > Backup
  3. Create backups of your System configuration and other, product dependent configurations.
  4. Once the backups are complete (also see ?Offline Mode? below), then, navigate back to Advanced > Firmware Update. Since the firmware has already been downloaded, click on the view release notes link to review the enhancements and fixes in the new version, and to go over any changes to default settings or other potential impacts to your existing configuration.
  5. Click on Apply to apply the firmware to your Barracuda Networks Product. After the update has finished, the system will reboot. While the firmware is being applied do not disconnect the power or attempt to reboot the system.
  6. Once your Barracuda Networks Product reboots, go to the login page and login to the unit to verify that the firmware has been applied successfully and the unit is operating effectively.

Additional Notes:

If your product is deployed in-line and does not have hard bypass functionality, you should plan your firmware upgrade for a time when your network can tolerate five or so minutes of downtime while the system reboots. Alternatively, you can temporarily physically bypass the unit.

Offline Mode:

It is a recommended best practice to take the following Barracuda Networks product(s) offline before upgrading the firmware:
  • Take the unit Offline from the Basic > Administration page of the web interface, down to the System Management section. When the upgrade is complete, be sure to bring the unit Online again.

Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall

To ensure new messages are scanned correctly, the following process is required when upgrading the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall from Firmware version 3.x to 4.x.
  • Take the unit offline.
  • Wait for the inbound queue to reach zero.
  • Perform the firmware upgrade.
  • Bring the unit online.

Barracuda Web Filter

To ensure a smooth transition from Firmwares 4.2 and earlier to Firmwares 4.3 and later, proceed to Advanced > Energize Updates and update the definitions before updating the firmware.

If you are using the DC agent on the domain controller you need to update that as well. This can be done by downloading the new DC agent from the Authentication page of the device and unistalling the DC agent from the Domain Controller and installing the new version

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