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Can I backup my Microsoft Exchange Server using the Barracuda Backup Service?

Solution #00003907

All Barracuda Backup Servers, all firmware versions.


The Barracuda Backup Service supports backing up Microsoft Exchange on two levels: Full Backup and Message Level Backup. Both methods, in concert, allow you to restore per-message, while still being able to restore your entire install in the event of a disaster.

  • Exchange Full Backups allow you to perform full and log backups to fully restore the Storage Groups in the event of a disaster. (Refer to Solution #00003983 Installing the Barracuda Backup Agent and Solution #00004124 Exchange Full Backups with Barracuda Backup Agent)

  • Exchange Message-Level backups allow you to backup messages from user mailboxes on your Exchange server when the backup runs. Message-Level Backups allow searching and restoration on a message, folder, or mailbox level. (Refer to Solution #00003906 Exchange Message-Level Backups)

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