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Why do I get a blank screen when trying to activate my Barracuda Networks product?

Solution #00003505

All Barracuda Networks products that have not yet been activated, all firmware versions.

If, after clicking the activation link on the Basic > Status page of the Barracuda's Web user interface, you reach a blank page in your browser, there are a couple of possible reasons:

  1. If your browser tries to load the page but never finishes (indicating that it is still trying to load the page), the problem is most likely with your network. Please ensure that the workstation you're using has a route out to the internet, that port 80 is open to your workstation, and that your DNS server is able to resolve our activation server's address properly.
  2. If your browser stops trying to load the page, you may have a web proxy server that is not allowing you to connect to continue. You may need to change the configuration of your proxy server or Web filtering device to allow your workstation to connect to our activation Web site.
If you require assistance, please call Barracuda Technical Support.

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