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How many watts does my Barracuda Networks product draw?

Solution #00002586

All Barracuda Networks products, all firmware versions.

To determine the number of Watts drawn for a particular Barracuda Networks product, simply multiply the number of Volts and the number of Amps. The Volt and Amp information can be found on our datasheets here:

Watts = Volts x Amps

Email Security Gateway Model 300
1.2 Amps ==> 120 V x 1.2 Amps = 144 Watts

Barracuda Web Filter Model 210
1.0 Amps ==> 120 V x 1.0 Amps = 120 Watts

The amperage usage is based on 110V. Those who work on 220V will still use 140W but the Amp usage will be lower (144 Watts / 220 V = 0.65 Amps).

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