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Why am I seemingly stuck at "Run Level 3" during boot-up on my Barracuda Networks product?

Solution #00001699

All Barracuda products, all firmware versions.

You've booted up the Barracuda Networks product, have a monitor attached to it, and are watching the screen as the Barracuda unit boots up.

If Level 3 initialization hasn't completed within two to three minutes, it's usually not a sign of distress. Your Barracuda unit is simply trying to grab network connectivity and set up administration privileges. Once the initialization is complete, you'll see a login screen from the console.

In some common scenarios, it may take five to ten minutes for Level 3 initialization to complete.

If it takes more than ten minutes for Level 3 to complete, this may indicate a hardware or software malfunction. If this is the case, please contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

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