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When I try to upload an SSL/TLS certificate, why does my Barracuda Networks product reject it with an invalid certificate error?

Solution #00000945

Applies to all Barracuda Networks products, all firmware versions.

When a Barracuda Networks product rejects a certificate as an invalid certificate, it is usually for at least one of the following three reasons:

  1. A Barracuda unit will reject an SSL/TLS certificate if the certificate is not in the proper format. The Barracuda unit will only accept a standard X.509 certificate in PEM format. For more information on uploading a certificate in the proper format, see Solution #00001327.
  2. A Barracuda unit may also reject a certificate if the private key on the Barracuda unit does not correspond to the certificate being installed. This is a common occurrence when trying to upload a wildcard certificate or other exported certificate to the Barracuda. For more information, see Solution #00000990.
  3. If the certificate being uploaded does not contain all necessary intermediate certificates, it will be rejected as invalid. For instructions on uploading all needed intermediate certificates, see Solution #00001327.
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