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Where to Download the Barracuda Backup Agent software?

Solution # 00010456

Scope: All Barracuda Backup Servers, firmware 3.2 and above


The Barracuda Backup Agent allows you to backup Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Windows System State. The Barracuda Backup Agent Software can be downloaded from the System > Software Download page, then select the correct Barracuda Backup Agent Link on the Web interface, that is for the correct Operating system you have. The agent software will download to the server to be backed, up if you are accessing from that server if not, you will need to copy it to the server you want to backup.

  1. Login to the Barracuda Backup Web interface.
  2. From the System > Software Downloads page, select the link to download the agent software.

Then if you need:
How do I install the Barracuda Backup Agent to work with my Barracuda Backup Service?

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