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Why am I unable to see my Cloud Backups from my Barracuda product?

Solution: #10412


Any Barracuda Device capable of backing up to Barracuda Cloud Control.


On occasion you might not be able to see your backups stored in the cloud from your device. These backups will still be in the cloud and the issue is likely related to the appliances connection to the cloud.

1) Disconnect from Cloud Control from the ADVANCED>Cloud Control page.

2) From the ADVANCED>Backups page under Backup Destination Settings, select Cloud and enter your Cloud Control credentials and Click Save

3) Click Test Configuration to confirm your credentials.

4) Return to the Cloud Control page and enter your credentials again and reenable Cloud Control.

5) On the Backups page, scroll down to Restore Backups, set the "Show All Backups" radio button to "Yes", Select "Cloud from the Drop down, and click browse.

6) You Should now be able to see your backups.

If you are still having issues, please contact Technical Support.