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Contract DIR-TSO-3021 

Texas Contract DIR-TSO-3021

 Data Storage Products and Related Services offered include:


Contract Pricing

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Designated Contract Fulfillers and Contact Information

Please contact one of Barracuda's authorized Texas DIR Order Fulfillers for quotations and placing purchase orders.  Barracuda does not take direct orders from end users.

FulfillerContact NamePhone NumberEmail
Comware Bill Mathison 214-393-3127 bmathison@comware.com
Exebridge Mark Pruitt 281-977-4718 mark.pruitt@exebridge.com
Kudelski Security, Inc. Sean Stenovitch 214-420-5801 sean@mandstech.com
Solid Border, Inc. Derek del Barrio 519-669-5773 dir@solidborder.com
SHI Nick Grappone 800-527-6389 PS_Contracts@shi.com


Warranty Information

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Return Policy

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Barracuda Contract Administrator

Texas Cooperative Contracts Program: Learn more 
Texas DIR Contract 3021: >Learn more

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