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PEPPM Contract 527029

PEPPM Contract 527029 for Pennsylvania


Contract Pricing

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To purchase through this contract, contact any of the following Barracuda partners:

Partner NameContact PersonPhone NumberE-mail
Business Information Group(BIG) Andrea Shue 717-849-1021
Comm Solutions Bill Buckalew 610-889-7914
Concensus Consulting Don DaRe 724-898-1888, x118
Corporate Networking(CNI) Tim Kirk 610-584-8040
Dauphin Datacom Randy Bornman 717-986-9347
Eplus Nick D’Archangelo 610-495-1293
Global Data Consultants (GDC/LAM) Travis Millhimes 800-228-8115, x114
Integra 1 Jim Eboch 717-614-4330, x2110
KT’s Office Services Sales Services 732-914-0002
Micro Technology Group(MTG) Education Sales 215-247-8324, x4
Networking Technologies Wendy DeArment 866-836-0000, x122
PhillyCom, Inc. Kristin Shuttlesworth 267-297-4405
Prismworks Mike Glumac 866-403-7300, x7115
Promedia Adam Scarzafava 973-253-7600
SHI-G   888-744-4084


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