Web security

With the increase in sophisticated cybersecurity threats, government agencies need to secure users whether they are citizens or government employees. This can be especially challenging when there are multiple agencies each having their own different security standards.

The ever-evolving threat landscape requires protection against multi-vector attacks with the ability to filter out inappropriate and malicious content. With the increased mobility trend, mobile devices on and off the network also need protection to secure users everywhere.

Make web browsing safe with Barracuda Web Security Gateway.

  • Block spyware downloads, prevent viruses and restrict access to malicious websites
  • Control access to web sites, application and Web 2.0 platforms based on users, groups, time bandwidth and other criteria
  • Utilize intuitive dashboards for quick understanding of threats and activities of users on the network
  • Extend security for all devices on and off the network with Barracuda remote security agents

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