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The retail industry is experiencing a massive shift in how business is done. Consumers demand faster transactions, flexible buying options, and direct engagement with your brands. This digital transformation creates new security risks. Your retail security strategy must consider every threat that cyber criminals use to steal data and damage your business.
Barracuda provides comprehensive protection against every major threat.

Email Attacks

Most successful attacks against retail businesses come from a malicious email.

Website Attacks

Your website and e-commerce systems are a prime target for DDoS attacks, data theft, and fraud.

Brand Hijacking

Cyber-criminals can spoof your brand to trick customers into thinking they are receiving emails from your company.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps open connections to your servers that can give hackers API access to your data.

Your Employees

Malicious content such as visited websites and file attachments can install malware and steal login credentials.

IoT Devices

Internet-connected devices at retail locations like POS systems are all potential points for network intrusion.

Retail businesses are prime targets.

Retail fraud as a percentage cost of revenues*

A network intrusion on Earl Enterprises led to malware being installed on point-of-sale systems at dozens of their restaurants across the United States resulting in over 2 million credit cards stolen.

Roughly 37 million Panera customer accounts, including loyalty card numbers, were exposed by inadequate web and API security.

An email attack on an HVAC contractor exposed the details of 60 million customers and 41 million payment card accounts.

* LexisNexis® Risk Solutions 2018 True Cost of Fraud℠ Study Retail Edition July 2018


91% of attacks start
with email.

Your customer data is a prime target for attackers, and malicious email accounts for 91 percent of these attacks. Fortunately Barracuda provides industry-leading protection that thwarts the phishing emails tricking users into disclosing their information.

Our solutions help you:

  • Stop malicious emails before they reach customers
  • Stop access to malicious websites and files
  • Stop sensitive data from being shared
  • Recover lost data from our enterprise backup

E-commerce sites and apps are vulnerable.

Ecommerce deployments and mobile shopping or customer service apps are under constant automated attack. Without the right protection, these attacks can expose your website visitors to malicious code or credential harvesting. Your site could also be taken offline by a Distributed Denial of Service attack, causing you to lose sales for the duration of the outage.

Our solutions help you:

  • Protect your business from data breaches
  • Block advanced hackers and automated bot attacks
  • Prevent loss of sensitive customer data
  • Comply with PCI and other regulations

Your network is key.

To run your business, you need secure, reliable, always-on connectivity to your customer data and your business applications. Barracuda combines advanced SD-WAN traffic management and full-stack next-generation firewall security in a single product that is easy to deploy and manage. You can easily secure new locations and ensure branch-to-HQ and branch-to-cloud connectivity with zero-touch deployment.

With our rugged and compact IoT firewalls, our protection also extends to remote internet-connected devices. Our solutions help you:

  • Secure communications across your enterprise
  • Ensure reliable connections to data and business apps
  • Gain flexibility to manage bandwidth during busy periods
  • Reduce your network costs

Nearly 90% of retailers are at risk of brand impersonation.

Your brand is your promise to the world, and cybercriminals want to steal it from you for their own financial gain. Through no fault of your own, your brand can be used to cause harm to your customers, employees, and business network. Barracuda provides protection from email domain fraud, defending your brand from hackers and organized crime.

Our solutions help you:

  • Protect consumers from phishing attacks associated with your brand
  • Secure your business ecosystem from a weak link
  • Get better results from your email marketing
  • Arm your employees to defend your brand

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Safeguard your customers and data with our multi-layered strategy to prevent phishing, ransomware and other advanced threats.

Barracuda Website Security

Secure your e-commerce sites and mobile apps from automated attacks and advanced cybercrime.

Barracuda Network Security

Increase network flexibility and application performance with secure Internet breakouts and traffic optimization for your retail locations.

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