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Secure your network and devices.

Protect your systems and other resources from ransomware, zero-day attacks, and other advanced threats.

Stop ransomware and other advanced threats.

Unsecured remote desktop protocol (RDP) connections are among the most common points of intrusion. Criminals leverage stolen credentials and botnet-based malware to gain access through these RDP connections and infect the organization. Ransomware variants are updated frequently so that hacking gangs can use new methods to bypass network security and launch more effective attacks.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall with Advanced Threat Protection stops attacks that evade traditional detection techniques. Barracuda’s global threat intelligence network gives you the industry’s best and most up-to-date protection against advanced threats.

Detect and prevent network intrusions.

Zero-day attacks and other advanced threats may allow attackers to infiltrate a victim’s network. The attacker will then move laterally through the network to steal valuable data and launch ransomware attacks on the victim and vulnerable third parties. Many attackers will remain undetected in the network for months to fully explore the system before launching an attack. The average time to detect and contain a healthcare data breach is 329 days, with an average cost to providers of $9.23 million per incident in 2020.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall defends companies from these criminals by using advanced threat and attack protection features that block bot-based attacks and intruders. Network segmentation is easy to configure and manage with Barracuda’s advanced centralized management capabilities.

Protect and optimize your network with secure SD-WAN.

Healthcare networks distributed among multiple facilities and cloud deployments create unique security and performance challenges. The pandemic accelerated the development of distributed and remote healthcare services, and this transformation is expected to continue for the next several years. Securing these decentralized networks while managing cost and performance requires a robust SD-WAN solution with integrated next-generation security.

Barracuda Secure SD-WAN securely connects multiple sites, users, and cloud deployments with the advanced security features of Barracuda CloudGen Firewall. Reliable, high-performance networks are easy to create across multiple locations with low-cost broadband lines.

SD-WAN-as-a-service on Microsoft Azure.

Rapid adoption of public cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies has allowed companies to eliminate traditional data centers and on-premises deployments. This shifts a portion of deployment and support costs to the cloud and lowers the need for on-premises resources. Gartner predicts that 80% of all organizations will be taking advantage of this cloud-first approach by 2025.

Barracuda CloudGen WAN allows companies to build an automated cloud-based secure SD-WAN on the Microsoft Global Network with a simple Azure Marketplace deployment. This Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution is a product of a joint development program by Microsoft and Barracuda, and it is the first global secure SD-WAN service built natively on Azure.

Provide secure remote access for authorized users.

Healthcare providers and business associates rely on remote access technologies for HIPAA-compliant communication, patient care collaboration, and infrastructure or device service functions. Testing facilities, pharmacies, and other healthcare partners need secure connectivity to transmit protected health information (PHI) and other sensitive data.

Barracuda CloudGen Access is a Zero Trust Access solution that performs continuous verification of user and device identity. This ensures that users and devices access only the applications they are explicitly assigned. Streamlined provisioning and centralized administration allows IT teams to easily manage user accounts, deploy global security policies, and maintain complete visibility into user access.

Protect your patients, customers, and staff.

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