Network security

As web apps, mobile users, cloud hosting, and other technical innovations make it harder to define and secure your network perimeter, you’re also facing rapid growth of overall network traffic — and that growth isn’t linear, it’s a series of spikes and troughs driven by financial market fluctuations and consumer perceptions.

Yesterday’s firewalls just aren’t built for today’s networks — or today’s threats to sensitive financial data. Eventually, just keeping them effective will consume all your resources, while seriously degrading network performance.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall combines intelligent traffic management and WAN optimization capabilities to help you reduce costs and increase overall network availability, while also using advanced capabilities to block cyber attackers and malware from accessing your network.

Intelligently secure your network perimeter with Barracuda CloudGen Firewall.

  • Secure and protect your assets against intrusion and data loss with Advanced Threat Detection
  • Create and enforce dynamic, granular application usage policies using Deep Packet Inspection
  • Intercept and inspect SSL-encrypted traffic without compromising performance
  • Manage security policies across all locations though a unified, intuitive administrative interface
  • Transparently apply all policies and updates uniformly across your entire infrastructure, including AWS and Azure deployments

Provide Quality-of-Service across distributed environments.

  • Optimize internet connectivity with instantaneous failover for multiple internet access lines
  • Prioritize mission-critical traffic and applications to ensure high QoS with powerful link-balancing capabilities
  • Improve bandwidth availability with application-based uplink selection

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