The Barracuda SSL VPN Advantage

Comprehensive Secure Remote Access Solution

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The Barracuda SSL VPN is an integrated hardware and software solution that enables secure, clientless, remote access to internal network resources. Accessible from any web browser on any operating system, the Barracuda SSL VPN provides all the features needed to enable network resource access through a powerful policy-based permissions framework. The Barracuda SSL VPN also integrates with third-party authentication mechanisms to provide granular access control with single sign-on capabilities.

IPsec VPNs

Powerful Remote Access

  • Intranet websites
  • Network file shares
  • Remote desktop, VNC, Citrix
  • Other client/server applications


  • SSL encryption-built into modern browsers
  • Antivirus scanning of uploaded files
  • Granular access policy
  • Client access controls
  • Cache cleaning
  • LDAP, RADIUS, and multifactor authentication

Easy to Use

  • Works with any Javaenabled web browser
  • End user portal to display available resources
  • Single sign-on to web RDP and other applications
  • Installable client for use with legacy applications


  • Single appliance with fully integrated functionality
  • Appliance and subscriptions cost less than renewals of competing products
  • No per-user or per-connection fees

Key Features

  • Clientless remote access
  • Integration with Active Directory, LDAP, NIS, and built-in user databases
  • Policy-based rights management
  • Multi-factor authentication schemes
  • Built-in applications
  • Virtual keyboard and cache cleaning
  • Access resources in other networks
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Network Access Control

Feature Insights

Clientless Remote Access

Unlike traditional IPsec-based VPNs that require client software installed on remote machines, the Barracuda SSL VPN provides secure remote access to network resources from any web browser. This removes the overhead of installing and maintaining clients and permits secure access from any operating system that can support a standard web browser.

SSL technology also eliminates some of the deployment issues around IPsec VPN technology like IP-address conflicts, NAT traversal, and DNS problems.

Policy-Based Resource Management

The Barracuda SSL VPN integrates a powerful policy engine that enables administrators to selectively authorize traffic to approved resources. The device integrates with Active Directory, LDAP, or other user databases permitting administrators to define granular policies allowing specific users and groups to access network resources without any changes to the resource itself.

Through the policy engine, administrators can configure access to resources such as Intranet websites, mapped network drives, applications like RDP, SSH/SFTP, CITRIX XenApp, and others.

Multi-Factor Authentication

To increase network security remote users are required to properly identify themselves before obtaining access to the network. The Barracuda SSL VPN can be configured to enforce a combination of authentication schemes including Active Directory passwords, hardware tokens, client certificates, and PIN numbers. Moreover, the Barracuda SSL VPN supports RSA SecurID, VASCO, Safeword, and CryptoCard authentication servers through RADIUS integration for access using a one-time password token. This security ensures that accessing the SSL VPN from any web browser is backed by the protection of a strong authentication policy that allows only authorized users to enter the network.

Network Access Control

Remote users can access network resources from a variety of endpoints or client machines including shared computers. The Barracuda SSL VPN provides extensive network access control methods that will ensure a computer requesting remote access adheres to established security policies based on the operating system, web browser version, and other connection parameters before permitting network access.

Secure Client Access

All files uploaded during a Barracuda SSL VPN session to the network file system or from a proxied Internet web application are automatically scanned for viruses, spyware, and other forms of malware.

The Barracuda SSL VPN also includes a cache cleaning utility that clears traces of a secure session from the web browser cache, history, and a virtual keyboard to protect users against keyloggers. This is especially useful when users access the Barracuda SSL VPN from shared computers.

Barracuda Network Connector

An additional resource that can be accessed over the SSL connection is the Barracuda Network Connector, which is an optional client that provides access to applications using UDP or other legacy client/server applications. The Barracuda Network connector enables a fully routed VPN connection to the network from a remote client and can be utilized by remote users that need complete network access.

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