Sign Company Won Over by Barracuda NextGen Firewall X Protection, Personalized Service, and Support

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Harbinger partners with brands that demand innovative, forward-thinking sign solutions. After five decades of serving some of the nation’s most recognizable multi-locations brands, they are known for integrity, reliability and craftsmanship. Harbinger combine’s the latest technologies with innovative design, engineering, and manufacturing to produce effective and lasting brand signifiers. Between their headquarters located in Florida and their satellite office in Texas, Harbinger has approximately 100 employees. Robert Cabrera is the companies IT Director and manages both the Florida and Texas offices.


  • Florida HQ, and Texas satellite office
  • 100 employees


  • Current solutions were unable to support the organization infrastructure
  • Inadequate tech support
  • Complex and difficult-to-use interface.


  • Barracuda NextGen Firewall X300 with Instant Replacement


  • Responsive tech support
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • No per-user license fees
  • Centrally managed

Harbinger Signs Gave up on Cisco’s Complex Interface

As Harbinger Signs infrastructure began to grow, the company needed a full-time IT Director to keep their network secure. When Robert took on this role he was faced with a number of network challenges that needed to be addressed. At the time, the network was being secured with a Cisco ASA and the firewall was insufficient for what they needed. Harbinger Signs and Robert needed a firewall solution that was simple to configure, easy to use, had secure remote access, did not have hidden fees, and came with good customer service. From the day Robert had to configure the Cisco ASA, he knew it was going to be a problem. The configuration process was complicated and when Robert called into Cisco’s technical support team he was pushed to a distributor who tried to sell him things instead of helping him with configuration. Robert found that Cisco had mishandled the management system that integrates the various capabilities of the box. The GUI mixed pieces from all of the system in some places, segregated them in others and offered an unnecessarily complex and difficult-to-use interface.

"The Barracuda team sat with me going through multiple demos like I was the only person there; the treatment at Barracuda has been amazing since day one."
- Robert Cabrera, IT Director, Harbinger Signs

After a few years, Robert had had enough and decided to revisit the firewall market. He first looked at SonicWALL, as Harbinger Signs primarily uses Dell equipment, but was unsatisfied after his evaluation of the product. He found that SonicWALL’s firewall was an a la carte product, meaning they were charging fees for individual features as well as per-user fees for their VPN. When speaking with the sales team, Robert felt that they were just trying to sell him features instead of helping to guide him to the features he needed. When Robert was done playing pick-up sticks with the features at SonicWALL, his TCO was way over his budget.

One firewall feature that Robert could not live without was the ability to allow for Mac VPN. Robert wanted to be able to have his Texas satellite office VPN back to his network in Florida. Though both the Cisco ASA and the SonicWALL Robert demoed had Mac VPN as a feature, Robert was unable to navigate through the complicated GUI to implement it. “The GUI’s for these products were messy and archaic. I could not figure out how to enable Mac VPN or get a technician to walk me through the process,” recalls Robert.

Barracuda’s Unified Security Solution

Robert reached out to Barracuda at a tech show in California and was blown away with the customer service. “The Barracuda team sat with me going through multiple demos like I was the only person there; the treatment at Barracuda has been amazing since day one,” Robert raved. What sealed the deal for Robert and Barracuda’s union was Barracuda’s award-winning technical support team. When Robert called into the technical support team to help with the configuration process of his 30-day demo, the team went way above and beyond the call. The technician that Robert was partnered with not only got his Barracuda NextGen Firewall X-Series demo set up and configured, but also helped him with issues he was having with his Cisco ASA. “I worked with the same technician through the whole process, he knew my network and even tried helping me with issues I was having with my Cisco ASA. That was when I knew Barracuda was the best company and there was no doubt I was going to make the switch,” confides Robert.

A major difference Robert noticed when working with the Barracuda sales team was they were not trying to upsell him or put him in a box with more features than he needed. “In the past, I have felt like I was just weeding through a sales pitch instead of figuring out what I really needed. With Barracuda, I felt I was not being tricked or duped into getting features that I didn’t need. The sales team was working with me to make sure I got exactly what I needed, nothing more, and nothing less,” Robert explains.


Robert immediately noticed the difference between the Barracuda interface and the previous solutions he has used. Barracuda’s GUI was intuitive and simplistic, he was able to navigate through the GUI with ease to enable various features and create reports. The same technician that helped him with the initial configuration process worked with him to enable the Mac VPN feature. “It was like I had a personal technical support engineer to assist me and ensure every one of my needs were met,” says Robert.

Robert felt like he was forming a partnership with the Barracuda team. “The best part of the experience is the genuine feeling that I gained a partner in business not just a vendor,” Robert concludes.

About Barracuda

Protecting users, applications, and data for more than 150,000 organizations worldwide, Barracuda Networks has developed a global reputation as the go-to leader for powerful, easy-to-use, affordable IT solutions. The company’s proven customercentric business model focuses on delivering high-value, subscriptionbased IT solutions for security and storage. For additional information, please visit or follow us on Twitter@barracuda.

About the Barracuda NextGen Firewall X

The Barracuda NextGen Firewall X-Series is the high-performance, cloud-connected next-generation firewall. It enables enforcement of granular content and access policies based on Layer 7 application visibility and user-identity awareness. The Barracuda NextGen Firewall X-Series leverages the cloud to perform compute-intensive content filtering and reporting—minimizing on-site resource needs and making scaling for growth easy and affordable.

Barracuda NextGen Firewall X Fast Facts

  • Secures the network edge
  • Regulates application usage and user activity
  • Includes link balancing and failover