Barracuda Email Protection Provides Cape Air Peace of Mind

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About Cape Air

Cape Air is the largest independent regional airline in the United States, serving the United States, Caribbean and Micronesia. It primarily flies short runs between its hubs and smaller community airports, usually within about 200 miles. The organization is also known for excellent customer service and their high frequency of flights.


  • Airline headquartered at Barnstable Municipal Airport in Hyannis, Massachusetts
  • Primarily flies short runs between its hubs and smaller community airports (roughly 100 miles on average)
  • Founded in 1989
  • 900 employees


  • Stakeholder’s emails were being bombarded with spam
  • Account compromise led to employees receiving targeted phishing emails


  • Barracuda Essentials and Sentinel


  • Protected from spam, malware, and targeted spear-phishing attacks
  • Brand and reputation defended against account compromise and domain spoofing
  • Rapid, easy deployment

Spam Inundation, Targeted Spear-Phishing Attacks, and Account Compromise

Lon Gifford is Cape Air’s IT Applications and Systems Manager. He administers the mail system, manages the deployments of software packages and oversees a team that manages the rest of the IT infrastructure. For email, Cape Air uses Office 365, and although Gifford thinks it’s a great service, its spam filtering is what he calls “acceptable.” Cape Air’s stakeholders, especially its executives, were being inundated with spam. “Anybody who’s had their email published out on the web somewhere [got spammed], and our PR people were just being bombarded,” says Gifford.

Native tools didn’t give IT administrators enough insight into and control over their risk posture. Cape Air was also a victim of a crypto locking virus that was delivered via email and infected one of its endpoints. Although the message had been flagged as spam, one user opened it and it infected the system. Additionally, one of Cape Air’s employees had their account compromised via a fraudulent Office 365 login. The Microsoft impersonator then went on to use this employee’s account to further attack another group within the organization. This event made Gifford realize that he needed to do something about this immediately since Cape Air not only serves consumers, but also has partnerships with major airlines that it corresponds with on a regular basis. So, it would not be unusual for those organizations to receive emails from Cape Air—as well as emails from attackers who use domain spoofing to hijack Cape Air’s brand identity. Gifford explains, “If an account gets compromised and then that compromised account goes on to attack one of our partners, that’s not acceptable to me.” Therefore, DMARC was also something that needed to be implemented immediately.

Gifford started looking for an email security solution that would address the gaps in Office 365, secure his users against targeted attacks, and protect Cape Air’s brand and reputation. He had heard about Barracuda and its security solutions, and when he watched a Barracuda Essentials and Sentinel demo, he liked what he saw.

Essentials Reduces Spam and Advanced Zero-hour Malware, While Sentinel Prevents Web Impersonation Emails that Lead to Account Compromise

Gifford and his team finally had peace of mind knowing that a potentially harmful message would never appear in a user’s inbox thanks to Barracuda Essentials spam and advanced zero-hour malware protection. “Essentials is an excellent product. It gives me the control I need, the granularity I need and more importantly, it catches pretty much everything. We’ve managed to make it to the point where we get very few things coming through and not a whole lot of false positives. So, we’re very pleased with the product,” says Gifford.

He continues, “We’ve never had any significant loss due to viruses or spam, phishing, or anything like that. I would say that a fair amount of that is just luck. When I explain this to people, I say, ‘You can drive around every day without wearing a seatbelt and you don’t have a problem, but if you were to get into an accident, you’re going to want it on.’ That’s what Barracuda’s products do. They protect us from what is almost an eventuality. Working with a company like Barracuda helps because we can’t all be experts in everything. So, having a vendor that we can trust to do that expert work for us, is key.”

Gifford also finds the Barracuda Essentials interface intuitive and the level of control granular, and is extremely impressed with Barracuda’s helpful and responsive support team.

Cape Air was one of the earliest Barracuda Sentinel customers. Barracuda Sentinel has helped reduce incidents of account compromise by blocking web impersonation emails (e.g., emails that pretend to come from Office 365), which lead to the theft of employee credentials. Barracuda Sentinel also provides domain fraud visibility protection using DMARC authentication, which ensures that no one can hijack Cape Air’s brand. Gifford says, “I think Sentinel is a ground-breaking program. The thing about AI is that it just gets better.”

Barracuda Sentinel does an excellent job of catching phishing and spear phishing attempts, and Gifford couldn’t be happier. He describes Barracuda Sentinel as being “the best thing since sliced bread.”

"That peace of mind is actually one of the bigger things that I enjoy about Barracuda."
- Lon Gifford, IT Applications and Systems Manager, Cape Air


Before implementing Barracuda’s email protection, Cape Air faced a lot of spam and their users were flooded with phishing and spear phishing attacks. Cape Air has seen an enormous drop in the number of email attacks since it adopted Barracuda’s email solutions. Phishing and spear-phishing attempts to trap unaware and innocent users are a thing of the past, and almost 100% of all virus and malware traffic is blocked. “My complaints from end users have dropped significantly,” Gifford says. Cape Air has had no further incidents since it started using Barracuda’s email protection. Gifford says he’s been happy ever since.

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