Enhancing Office 365 with Compliance Archiving

How Barracuda Archiving Helped Satisfy Compliance Requirements

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This is a multi-state retailer whose sales is health-oriented and often involves prescriptions. They have experienced significant growth and recently sought to standardize all their operations on a single productivity platform: Office 365.


  • Multi-state retailer [name not disclosed]
  • 600+ users


  • Provide consistent archives for legal hold and compliance and data recovery
  • Maintain audit logs for compliance and accountability
  • Needed a cloud-based solution to complement Office 365


  • Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service


  • Comprehensive audit log details all activities
  • All email data is captured and preserved accurately for as long as needed
  • Archived data can be searched and retrieved quickly and easily
  • Non-intrusive, “set it and forget it” operation
  • Worked across a variety of different Office 365 license types

The Need for Compliance Archiving

This customer initially felt that Office 365 might be too expensive for their operations, but upon further investigation realized that Microsoft offers the ability to mix different license types. In many remote situations they can utilize Office 365 Kiosk licenses, which provide access to email at a very low cost, but no other significant services. At other locations, they deployed more robust Office 365 licenses to take advantage of additional features and services.

While Office 365 does include archiving, compliance and e-discovery features in the more expensive Office 365 plans, these didn’t meet their needs satisfactorily and presented some challenges. Most importantly, they aren’t included in the lower cost licensing options such as the Office 365 Kiosk license. They also require ongoing management from IT staff, and are not a “set and forget it” type of operation. Finally, the customer found the SharePoint Discovery Center was less efficient and significantly more complicated than they needed, and it was difficult to always ensure a 100% complete picture of their historical data was presented.

Finding a Solution That Met Their Needs

The customer was resigned to journal capture to an external device, but this was not optimal as they wanted a cloud-based solution that would support all their users regardless of which Office 365 plan they had. When they learned of Barracuda’s Cloud Archiving Service, the product sounded like a perfect fit. By configuring journal archiving, they could guarantee email was preserved “in motion” and could easily provide logs whenever they were required, demonstrating that email had indeed been sent or received.

“Initially we did a lot of research as to how to best set up the Cloud Archiving Service—there were a lot of options, and all we really wanted to do was capture everything to a secure repository. In discussions with Barracuda’s engineers, it turned out we didn’t need to do anything except point our instances of Office 365 to the Cloud Archiving Service and the capture would occur automatically,” said the Director of IT.

It has helped them to protect their business by simplifying compliance activities and enabling them to respond to information requests more effectively. Whether it’s investigating chains of communication to establish a true record of events for internal purposes, or responding to an external lawsuit, they’re now able to respond almost immediately. Previously, it might have taken up to two weeks recovering and reconciling data from backups.”

Currently, the customer is only using the secure capture capabilities of the Cloud Archiving Service; they have not deployed Outlook plug-ins for search or mobile access, but this option is open to them in the future. They don’t currently use Skype for Business; however, the Cloud Archiving Service’s ability to also archive instant communications could be important as they look to leverage more Office 365 services.

The customer feels very strongly about simplified set-up. They felt that the Cloud Archiving Service’s “out-of-the-box” configuration should be promoted as a “best practices,” and in his experience, most companies needing to implement auditable compliance capture would end up configuring the Cloud Archiving Service the same way.

"Barracuda’s ‘set it and forget it’ solution was the perfect compliance solution."
- [Name not disclosed], Director of IT, Multi-state retailer


The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service was exactly what this customer needed. The solution is very quick to implement and addresses their requirements for email compliance and e-discovery easily and effectively, while being simpler to operate and manage than Office 365’s in-place preservation. It can also generate logs detailing all communications that are sent or received, enabling them to meet industry compliance requirements such as HIPAA, which most customers in a similar retail environment would face. Finally, the non-intrusive operation of the Cloud Archiving Service won high praise: “Thanks for making such a great service!”

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About the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service

Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service provides cloud-based archiving, enabling organizations to meet demanding compliance requirements and address e-discovery requests easily and effectively. Ideal for cloud email services like Office 365, this straightforward approach ensures email is stored securely in a separate repository for as long as needed without risk of corruption or deletion.