Tape Backups Labor-Intensive and Inefficient

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Drew Marine is a global leader providing technical solutions and services to the marine industry with a comprehensive line of advanced marine chemicals and equipment. Drew Marine’s global network offers onboard and shore-side technical support in each of their 20 locations, which houses more than 600 employees. Allwyn Griffith, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, leads the Drew Marine IT team.


  • Drew Marine
  • Headquarters in Whippany, NJ with 20 offices around the world
  • 600+ employees


  • Data not protected
  • Lacked file restoration
  • Information spread across multiple offices around the globe
  • Tape solution not feasible
  • Ability for non-technical employees to use solution


  • Five Barracuda Backup 190s
  • Four Barracuda Backup 390s
  • One Barracuda Backup 490
  • One Barracuda Backup 690


  • Data is safely backed up
  • Files can easily and quickly be restored
  • Non-technical employees are able to administer it
  • Central management

Tape Backups Labor-Intensive and Inefficient

When Drew Marine was sold, it was left with offices scattered around the globe and no IT team. There were no longer systems in place to protect or preserve vital company data. Griffith needed a fast solution and turned to tapes for a quick fix because on paper, that seemed to meet the company’s needs. Testing tape backups and restores between six different locations showed that it would be quite challenging and inefficient to use a tape solution. “Tapes don’t work when your offices are spread across the world,” said Griffith. Drew Marine does not have staff solely dedicated to IT in most locations, so sending tapes back and forth through the mail and having to explain what to do with them wasn’t working with its fast paced schedule. Immediately, Griffith saw that tape rotation and shipping time was going to impede his company’s ability to have secure, reliable, and efficient backups.

Griffith was familiar with Symantec’s Backup Exec and CommVault backup solutions and knew they would not be able to meet Drew Marine’s needs. He decided to get demos and compare pricing for Iron Mountain, EVault, and Barracuda. “I had always used expensive solutions in the past, but this time I was focused on something that was easy-to-use and affordable,” explained Griffith. Describing his demo experience, Griffith said, “I thought if the actual backup product was even half as good as what Barracuda had depicted, we would never need to use anything else.”

"It’s so easy. I get a call from Japan, roll out of bed, connect to the Internet, log in to the portal, restore the file, and go back to bed."
- Allwyn Griffith, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, Drew Marine

Deployment and Implementation

Drew Marine has deployed eight Barracuda Backup appliances in three years: four Barracuda Backup 190s and four Barracuda Backup 490s.

Griffith is happy that he does not have to hire an IT specialist for every Drew Marine location to handle Backups. Even the installation can be done without IT expertise. He says that it only requires plugging in hardware and typing in the IP address, and that he has successfully walked non-technical employees through set-up in the past, saving IT resources.

Fast File Restoration from Anywhere

A much appreciated perk is fast, easy file restoration. Griffith explains, “It’s so easy. I get a call from Japan, roll out of bed, connect to the Internet, log in to the portal, restore the file, and go back to bed. The entire process takes less than five minutes, and the employee in Japan has his file back right away. You can’t do that with tape! Everyone’s happy."


When Drew Marine’s data was left unprotected, Allwyn Griffith stepped in to rectify the problem. After trying a tape backup solution and finding it was inefficient, he tried more advanced solutions and chose Barracuda Networks. He has purchased four Barracuda Backup appliances and is thrilled with how easy they are to deploy, manage, and use to restore files. In addition, he’s happy that it doesn’t require any special training to deploy and use it.

To learn more about Barracuda Backup solutions or to request a free 30-day evaluation unit, please call us today at 1-888-268-4772, 1-408-342-5400 (outside North America), or visit www.barracuda.com/backup.

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Barracuda Backup is a powerful, all-in-one backup solution that includes all the hardware, software, backup agents, and redundant storage needed for a complete, end-to-end backup solution—at one affordable price. With advanced deduplication and compression, backups are quick and consume minimal bandwidth. Flexible deployment options will fit every environment. And for redundancy, you can duplicate backup files to Barracuda Cloud Storage or to your own, offsite, private cloud. To learn more, visit: http://www.barracuda.com/backup.

Barracuda Backup Fast Facts

  • Provides onsite backups with cloud and private cloud disc-based replication to quickly and securely store data in multiple locations off-site
  • Uses 256-bit AES encryption, which exceeds federal government standards
  • Cloud-based central management